Epic Games UnrealEd

Version3(as of 6/16/2020)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Rating:2.7  |  77 Votes

Main Features

  • Choose from a variety of builder brushes that can be manipulated into different forms
  • Place StaticMeshes in your level created by Maya or 3ds Max
  • Adjust lighting properties in your environment
  • Create maps from templates

Software Overview

Epic Games UnrealEd (short for Unreal Editor) is the level editor for the Unreal game series. It allows you to create and edit levels.

The editor comes with a variety of tools that allow you to manipulate shapes, change surface textures, adjust lighting properties, create large terrains, and more. You can import StaticMeshes into your level from 3D modeling applications, such as Maya or 3ds Max. If you aren't satisfied with the brushes packaged with UnrealEd, you can create your own BSP brushes. And once you are done creating your level, the editor enables you to test it out.

Unreal Editor is a valuable companion tool for Unreal games, such as Unreal Tournament. The application enables gamers to extend their enjoyment of these games by creating new levels. If you enjoy playing games from the Unreal series, the Epic Games Unreal Editor tool is a must-have.

Primary File Type

file  icon.UPROJECTUnreal Engine Project

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.UPROJECTUnreal Engine Project
.EST_UAXSpanish Unreal Audio Package
.T3DUnreal Engine 3D Object File
.UUnreal Tournament Class Package
.UASSETUnreal Asset
.UAXUnreal Audio Package
.UKXUnreal Animation Package
.UMXUnreal Music Package
.UNRUnreal Level Map
.USXUnreal Static Meshes
.UT3Unreal Tournament 3 Map File
.UTXUnreal Texture Package
Updated 6/16/2020