EZB Systems UltraISO

Version9(as of 3/28/2019)
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Main Features

  • Makes and burns CD/DVD images
  • Converts popular disk image formats to the ISO image format
  • Compresses ISO images to its ISZ format

Software Overview

EZB Systems UltraISO is a Windows program used to create, modify, and convert .ISO image files to burn to a DVD or CD. It is a commercial product but also available as a free trial.

UltraISO performs a variety of functions with the ISO image format. The program allows you to create ISO images from files on a hard disk or CD/DVD-ROM. It enables you to duplicate CDs and DVDs to an ISO image. UltraISO lets you create bootable CD/DVDs and USB flash or hard drives from a disc image. The program can also be used to edit ISO files and add or extract files and folders from or to the file.

UltraISO can be used to convert several disk image files, such as .BIN, .IMG, .CIF, .DMG, and .NRG, to an ISO image. UltraISO uses a proprietary ISZ format for compressing ISO files.

UltraISO is a solid program for managing ISO files. EZB Systems UltraISO is useful when you need to compress, convert, and mount ISO images to virtual drives or make and burn CD/DVDs.

Primary File Type

iso icon.ISODisc Image File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.ISODisc Image File
.ASHDISCAshampoo Burning Studio Image
.B6IBlindWrite 6 Disc Image
.BINBinary Disc Image
.CCDCloneCD Control File
.CDIDiscJuggler Disc Image
.CIFEasy CD Creator Disk Image
.DAAPowerISO Direct-Access-Archive
.DAODisk-At-Once CD or DVD Image
.DMGApple Disk Image
.FCDVirtual CD Format
.IMADisk Image
.IMGMacintosh Disk Image
.ISZZipped ISO Disk Image
.LCDCDSpace Emulated Disk Image
.MD1GEAR CD Disc Image
.MDFMedia Disc Image File
.MDSMedia Descriptor Sidecar File
.NCDNTI CD-Maker Disc Image
.NRGNero CD/DVD Image File
.P01GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image
.P01Toast CD Image
.PXIPlexTools Disc Image
.TAOTrack-At-Once CD or DVD Image
.VAPORCDNorum Vapor CD
.VC4Virtual CD Disc Image
.VCDFarStone Virtual Drive
.XMDExtended Media Disc Image

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.000Virtual CD Disc Image File
.B5IBlindWrite 5 Disk Image
.B5TBlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File
.B6TBlindWrite 6 Track Information File
.BIFBoot Information File
.BWIBlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image
.BWTBlindWrite 4 Track Information FIle
.C2DWinOnCD Disc Image
.CUECue Sheet File
.GCDPrassi CD Image
.GIGlobal Image
.MDSMedia Descriptor Sidecar File
.UIBAKUltraISO Backup Disk Image
.VDIVirtuo CD Manager Disk Image
.XACD-ROM eXtended Architecture Disc Image
.XMFGameJack Disc Image File
Updated 3/28/2019