Eltima Elmedia Player

Version6(as of 11/28/2016)
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Main Features

  • Play an array of media file formats, such as FLV, MOV, and MP4
  • Search for and watch videos through a built-in web browser
  • Enter playlist criteria for automatic playlist organization
  • Type in the video URL for instant video playback

Software Overview

Eltima Elmedia Player is a free media player for OS X. The application is also available as a PRO version, which provides additional features, such as media file downloads and video screenshots.

Elmedia Player supports many popular media file formats, including MOV, FLV, MP4, SWF, AVI, VOB, WEBM, WMA, FLAC, and WAV, which allows you to play almost any type of media on the Internet. The player allows you to organize your various media in playlists much like iTunes. If you don’t want to create your own playlists, you can let Elmedia Player organize your files based on criteria that you choose.

The program provides several convenient features for accessing media files. The application provides a built-in web browser, which allows you to surf websites and watch movies without leaving the application. If you have a URL link to a video, the Open URL tool enables you to watch the video without leaving the application or opening a browser window. Also, the PRO version gives you additional features including the ability to download videos from the web and extract audio from YouTube videos in the MP3 format.

Elmedia Player is a quality choice for OS X users looking to play their videos and movies. One of its coolest features is its built-in web browser, which allows you to watch online movies directly in the application. Although it isn’t as prominent as iTunes or QuickTime Player, Eltima Elmedia Player is still a solid choice for watching your movies and videos.

Primary File Type

mp4 icon.MP4MPEG-4 Video

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MP4MPEG-4 Video
.3GP3GPP Multimedia File
.3GP23GPP Multimedia File
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.DATVCD Video File
.DIVXDivX-Encoded Movie
.DVDigital Video File
.FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec File
.FLVFlash Video File
.GVIGoogle Video File
.M1VMPEG-1 Video File
.M4AMPEG-4 Audio File
.M4ViTunes Video File
.MKVMatroska Video
.MOVApple QuickTime Movie
.MP3MP3 Audio File
.MPVMPEG-2 Elementary Stream Video
.NUTNUT Video File
.OGGOgg Vorbis Audio File
.RMRealMedia File
.RTRealText Streaming Text File
.RVRealVideo File
.SMISAMI Subtitles File
.SRTSubRip Subtitle File
.SSASub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.SUBMicroDVD Subtitle File
.SWFShockwave Flash Movie
.VOBDVD Video Object File
.WAVWAVE Audio File
.WEBMWebM Video
.WMAWindows Media Audio File
.WMVWindows Media Video
.XVIDXvid-Encoded Video File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.KMVMobile DJ Video File
.MP4.INFOVIDParrot AR Drone and Gyro Flyer Video
.QTApple QuickTime Movie
.VFWVideo for Windows
.VP6TrueMotion VP6 Video File
Updated 11/28/2016