Electronic Arts The Sims 4

VersionSeasons(as of 1/18/2024)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Rating:3.3  |  80 Votes

Main Features

  • Smarter sims with more complex emotions
  • New experiences for sims to encounter
  • More relationship opportunities to develop
  • Seasonal items, such as Halloween costumes and decorations

Software Overview

Electronic Arts The Sims 4 is the fourth installment to the popular Sims franchise where you can create unique human "sims," build homes, develop relationships, and explore worlds. It can be expanded with numerous expansion and game packs with the most recent "Seasons" expansion pack introducing weather and seasons and new outfits.

The Sims 4 is the sequel to The Sims 3 and comes with tons of new appearances, personalities, and emotions for sims. You can also choose from more options when customizing homes, help your sim encounter new experiences, and develop different relationships with other sims.

The game features the Willow Creek and Oasis Springs worlds, each offering multiple neighborhoods and lots. You can guide a sim through seven life stages, which include baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult, and elder. And of course, you can buy and build all sorts of items to enhance the lives of your sims.

The Sims 4 received mixed reviews by both fans and critics when it was released in 2014. If you are already part of the Sims world, The Sims 4 comes with enough new features to satisfy your appetite. However, it does not offer enough advancements to be a standout in the series, or appetizing enough gameplay for Sim outsiders to want to enter into the world.

NOTE: Electronic Arts made the base game of The Sims 4 free-to-play on October 18, 2022. Expansion packs and add-ons are still available as paid upgrades.

Primary File Type

file  icon.PACKAGEElectronic Arts Game Package File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.PACKAGEElectronic Arts Game Package File
.SAVEThe Sims 4 Save File
.TS4SCRIPTThe Sims 4 Script Archive
Updated 1/18/2024