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G File Extensions

File types with extensions that start with the letter G

Extension File Type File Description
.gCADBRL-CAD Geometry File
.g3Raster ImageCCITT Group 3 Fax Image
.g3aMiscCasio Prizm Add-in File
.g3dCADGOM 3D File
.g3xGameRealFlight Content File
.g41Disk ImageCommodore 1541 Disk Image
.g64VideoGenetec Video File
.g721AudioG.721 Audio File
.g723AudioG.723 Audio File
.g726AudioG.726 Audio File
.gadgeprjDataGadge It Project
.gadgetExecutableWindows Gadget
.galDataGenePix Array List File
.galaxyGameBlizzard Galaxy File
.galleryDataSMART Notebook Gallery File
.gallerycollectionDataSMART Notebook Gallery Collection File
.galleryitemDataSMART Notebook Gallery Item File
.gamGameSaved Game File
.gameGameGameSalad Exported Game File
.gameGameApple Chess Saved Game
.gamedataGameSandlot Game Data File
.gameprojDeveloperGameSalad Project File
.ganDataGanttProject Project File
.garGameFarming Simulator Game Archive File
.garDeveloperGridGain Archive
.gauMiscFlight Simulator Gauge File
.gbDataGenBank Data File
.gbGameGame Boy ROM File
.gb1BackupGame Maker Backup File
.gb2BackupGame Maker Backup File
.gbaGameGame Boy Advance ROM
.gbapDeveloperGLBasic Project File
.gbasDeveloperGLBasic Source File
.gbaskinGameGame Boy Advance Controller Skin File
.gbcGameGame Boy Color ROM
.gbcskinGameGame Boy Color Controller Skin File
.gbiDisk ImagegBurner Project File
.gbkDataGenBank Data File
.gblDataGerber Bottom Layer Data File
.gblorbGameGlulx Blorb Game File
.gbmDeveloperGameboy Map File
.gboDataGerber Bottom Overlay Data File
.gbpDataGerber Bottom Solder Paste Data File
.gbpBackupGenie Timeline Backup Index File
.gbprojAudioGarageBand Project
.gbrRaster ImageGIMP Brush File
.gbrDeveloperGameboy Tileset File
.gbrDataGerber File
.gbsDeveloperGeneric Build Support Metadata File
.gbsAudioGameBoy Sound File
.gbsDataGerber Bottom Solder Mask Data File
.gbxGameNadeo Game File
.gbxCADGerber PCB File
.gcDataGraphClick File
.gcGameGalactic Conquest Saved Game
.gcaCompressedGCA File Archive
.gcdCADGeneric CADD Drawing File
.gcdGameFallout 2 Character Profile File
.gcdDisk ImagePrassi CD Image
.gcdpRaster ImageGreeting Card Studio Design Project
.gcfGameGame Cache File
.gcgDataGCG DNA Sequence File
.gchDeveloperPrecompiled Header File
.gciGameGameCube Save File
.gcmGameGameCube ROM
.gcprojDataGenome Compiler Project
.gcsGameGameCube SharkSave File
.gcsVideoCineform Studio Video Project
.gcsxSettingsMicrosoft Office SmartArt Color File
.gctGameOcarina Cheat Code Manager File
.gcwDataMicrosoft Mathematics Worksheet
.gcxDataGrapher Graph File
.gczGameCompressed GameCube/Wii ROM
.gdbDatabaseInterBase Database File
.gdbDatabaseGPS Database File
.gdfDataGUESS Graph Data Format File
.gdfmakerprojectDeveloperGDF Editor Project File
.gdiGameDreamcast Gigabyte Disc Image
.gdiagramstyleSettingsOmniGraffle Diagram Style File
.gdocTextGoogle Drive Document
.gdrFontSymbian OS Font File
.gdrawVector ImageGoogle Drive Drawing
.gdriveDisk ImageGizmo Virtual Drive File
.gdsCADGraphic Data System File
.gdtDatagretl Datafile
.gdtbDatagretl Binary Datafile
.gdwGameJaws Unleashed Data File
.gedDataGEDCOM Genealogy Data File
.gedDeveloperGame Editor Project File
.gedataDataQlucore Data File
.gedcomDataGEDCOM Genealogy File
.gemPage LayoutVentura Publisher Document
.gemDeveloperRubyGems Package
.gemVector ImageGEM Metafile
.gemspecDeveloperGem Specification File
.genDataArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file
.genGameSega Genesis ROM
.genbankDataGenBank Data File
.geo3D ImageVRML Geography File
.geojsonGISGeoJSON File
.gexfDataGraph Exchange XML Format File
.gfFontMETAFONT Bitmap File
.gfarDeveloperGreenfoot Archive
.gfbRaster ImageGIFBlast Compressed Image File
.gfeEncodedGlarysoft Encrypted File
.gfiDataGIFI File
.gfieRaster ImageGreenfish Icon Editor Pro Graphic
.gformDataGoogle Drive Form
.gfpVideoGreenForce-Player Protected Media File
.gfsDataGlarysoft Split File
.gfwGISGIF World File
.gfxGameGFx Scaleform File
.ggMiscGoogle Desktop Gadget File
.ggGameSega Game Gear ROM
.ggbDataGeoGebra Document
.ggrRaster ImageGIMP Gradient File
.ghoBackupNorton Ghost Backup File
.ghsBackupNorton Ghost Image Segment
.giDisk ImageGlobal Image
.gidSettingsWindows Help Global Index File
.gifRaster ImageGraphical Interchange Format File
.gifvVideoGIF Video File
.gigAudioTascam GigaSampler File
.gihRaster ImageGIMP Image Hose File
.gimRaster ImagePlayStation Portable Image File
.ginSettingsGEMS Engine Control Unit File
.ginspect_prjCADGOM Inspect Project File
.gioAudioNyquist MIDI File
.gioAudioAdagio Score
.gisDataCFS Console Game Installer Settings File
.gitattributesDeveloperGit Attributes File
.gitignoreDeveloperGit Ignore File
.gjdGameThe 7th Guest Media File
.gkhDisk ImageEnsoniq EPS Family Disk Image
.gksVector ImageGraphics Kernel System File
.glVideoGRASP Animation
.glaGameGhoul 2 Animation File
.glaDataSothink SWF Easy Project File
.gladeDeveloperGlade Project File
.glbGameGlulx Blorb Game File
.glbGISSTK Globe File
.gldDeveloperMPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File
.gldDataGround Loop Design Work File
.glf3D ImageSpace Engine Shader File
.glinkMiscGoogle Drive External File Shortcut
.glksaveGameZoom Game Save Package
.glm3D ImageGhoul 2 Model File
.gloDataRoboHelp Glossary File
.globalDeveloperGlobal Makefile
.gloxVector ImageMicrosoft Office SmartArt Graphics Layout File
.glsDataBabylon Glossary File
.glsDeveloperGLScript Game Script
.glsVector ImageSothink SWF Easy Shape File
.glyMiscWord Glossary File
.gmAudioTransport Tycoon Music File
.gmDeveloperGameMonkey Script
.gm6DeveloperGame Maker 6 Project File
.gm81DeveloperGame Maker 8.1 Project File
.gmaGameGarry's Mod Addon File
.gmapGISGarmin Map File
.gmbckRaster ImageGame Maker Background Image File
.gmcAudioGame Music Creator Sound File
.gmdTextGroupMail Message
.gmdDeveloperGame Maker Program Code
.gmeGameDexDrive Game Card File
.gmf3D ImageLeaderwerks Game Model File
.gmfGISGeology Multi-File
.gmkDeveloperGame Maker Project File
.gmlDeveloperGame Maker Language File
.gmlGISGeography Markup Language File
.gmlDataGerber Mill Layer File
.gmlDataGraph Modeling Language File
.gmmod3D ImageGame Maker 3D Model File
.gmmpSystemWCS Gamut Map Model Profile
.gmoDeveloperGNU Machine Object File
.gmpDataGlobal Mapper Package File
.gmresGameGame Maker Resource File
.gmsDataGesture and Motion Signal File
.gmsprRaster ImageGame Maker Sprite File
.gmt3D ImagerFactor Model File
.gmvGameGens Game Recording
.gmwSettingsGlobal Mapper Workspace File
.gmxDeveloperGameMaker File
.gmzCompressedCompressed GameMaker File
.gneWebFlickr Web Page
.gnmSpreadsheetGnumeric Spreadsheet
.gnoDataGenoPro Genealogy Tree File
.gnpGameGenePool Save File
.gnpDataGNPeak Output File
.gnumakefileDeveloperGNU Makefile
.gnumericSpreadsheetGnumeric Spreadsheet
.gnutarDataGNU Tar Archive
.goDeveloperGo Source Code File
.godGamePopulous II Player Progress File
.godGameGore Game Data File
.godMiscGod Configuration File
.gomVideoGOM Media File
.goomodGameWorld of Goo Add-on
.gormDeveloperGorm Interface Resource File
.gp3DataGuitar Pro 3 File
.gp4Raster ImageCCITT Group 4 Fax File
.gp4MiscGuitar Pro 4 Tablature
.gp5AudioGuitar Pro 5 Tablature File
.gpbankAudioGuitar Pro Sound Bank File
.gpdTextGeneric Printer Description File
.gpdRaster ImageGraphic PhotoDefiner Image File
.gpeExecutableGP2X Video Game
.gpfGameGRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch File
.gpfDataGrant Agreement Preparation Form
.gpfGameGecko Patch File
.gpfGISGeosoft Project File
.gpgMiscGNU Privacy Guard Public Keyring
.gpiDataGerber Photoplotter Information File
.gpiDataGarmin Point of Interest File
.gpjDeveloperjGRASP Project File
.gpjDataGrapher Project File
.gpjDeveloperMULTI IDE Project File
.gpkAudioWaveLab Audio Peak File
.gpnTextGlidePlan Map Document
.gppDataGuitar Practiced Perfectly 2 Data File
.gprDataBabylon Glossary Builder Project File
.gprDataGenePix Results File
.gprxGISGeoxa Project File
.gpsGISSurvey Pro Coordinate File
.gpsSettingsGenePix Settings File
.gpsSettingsGOM Player Skin File
.gpuExecutableGP2X Utility Program
.gpxAudioGuitar Pro 6 Document
.gpxGISGPS Exchange File
.gqsxSettingsMicrosoft Office SmartArt Styles File
.gr2GameGranny 3D File
.graDataMicrosoft Graph File
.gradeDataGradeStat Document
.gradientlibraryMiscPainter Gradient Library
.graffleVector ImageOmniGraffle Drawing
.graphmlDataGraphML File
.graphmlzDataZip Compressed GraphML File
.graspVideoGRASP Animation
.grbGISGRIB Meteorological Data File
.grdSettingsPhotoshop Gradient File
.grdDataSurfer Grid File
.greenfootDeveloperGreenfoot Project Archive
.grfGameTransport Tycoon Graphics Resource File
.grfGameRagnarok Client Archive
.grfDataDPlot Graph File
.grfDataCloverETL Data Transformation Graph
.grfDataGeneric Graph File
.grfDataGrapher Graph File
.gribDataGridded Binary File
.grindDataJuice Grinder Recipe File
.grindxDataJuice Grinder Recipe File
.grkDataGradekeeper Class Gradebook File
.grlSystemWindows Update Status File
.grn3D ImageGranny 3D File
.groRaster ImageGraphic Object Bitmap
.groAudioAllegro MIDI File
.grobRaster ImageGraphic Object Bitmap File
.grooveAudioACID Groove File
.groovyDeveloperGroovy Source Code File
.groupSystemWindows Contacts Group File
.groupprojDeveloperDelphi Project Group File
.growlregdictMiscGrowl Temp File
.growlticketSettingsGrowl Notification File
.grpGameStarCraft Graphics Group File
.grpSystemWindows Program Manager Group
.grpDataSmarterMail Group File
.grrDataGradekeeper Class Roster File
.grtDataGrapher Template
.grvDataOffice Groove File
.gryRaster ImageGrayscale Image
.gsDeveloperGoogle Apps Script
.gsDataGemStone Document
.gsExecutableGeosoft Script
.gs0GameSega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File
.gs3DeveloperGameStarter File
.gsbGISGolden Software Boundary File
.gsbaGameGame Save Backup Archive
.gscGameCall of Duty Game Script
.gsdTextGeneral Station Description File
.gsdVector ImageGraphtec Vector Graphics File
.gsfAudioGame Boy Advance Sound File
.gsflibAudioGame Boy Advance Song Library
.gsheetSpreadsheetGoogle Drive Spreadsheet
.gsiGISGolden Software Interchange File
.gslidesDataGoogle Drive Presentation
.gsmAudioUS Robotics GSM Audio File
.gsmCADGraphic Description Language File
.gsmAudioGlobal System for Mobile Audio File
.gsmGISMapViewer Project File
.gspWebIMail Error Message File
.gspMiscGeometer's Sketchpad File
.gsprojDeveloperGameSalad Windows Project File
.gsrGISGolden Software Reference File
.gsr2GISGolden Software Reference File
.gstGISMapInfo Geoset File
.gstencilVector ImageOmniGraffle Stencil
.gsxGameSega Genesis Emulator Saved State File
.gszipDeveloperGameSalad Marketplace Asset File
.gtaMiscMicrosoft Groove Tool Archive
.gtableDataGoogle Drive Fusion Table
.gtarDataGNU Tar Archive
.gtemplateVector ImageOmniGraffle Template
.gthrTextGather Log File
.gtkrcSettingsGTK+ Theme File
.gtlDataGerber Top Layer Data File
.gtmDataGreekToMe Translation File
.gtoDataGerber Top Overlay Data File
.gtpSettingsGNOME Theme Package File
.gtpDataGerber Top Solder Paste Data File
.gtpDataGuitar Pro File
.gtsVideoCaptiveWorks PVR Video File
.gtsDataGerber Top Solder Mask Data File
.guiDataDr.Explain Project File
.guidesDataxScope Guides File
.gvTextGraphviz DOT File
.gviVideoGoogle Video File
.gvimrcSettingsGVim Runtime Configuration File
.gvpVideoGoogle Video Pointer
.gvyDeveloperGroovy Source Code File
.gwiDatabaseGroupWise Database Shortcut File
.gwkDataGraphiCode PCB Job File
.gwpDataGreetings Workshop Project File
.gwsSettingsGeoMedia GeoWorkspace File
.gwsGISGeosoft Workspace File
.gxcCADGeneral CADD Pro Component
.gxdCADGeneral CADD Pro Drawing
.gxfFontGeneral CADD Pro Font File
.gxhCADGeneral CADD Pro Hatch Pattern File
.gxkEncodedGalaxkey Secured File
.gxlDataGraph Exchange Language File
.gxmCADGeneral CADD Pro Macro File
.gxtSettingsGrand Theft Auto Text File
.gymAudioSega Genesis Sound File
.gzCompressedGnu Zipped Archive
.gz2CompressedMisnamed BZ2 File
.gzaCompressedIZArc BGA Archive File
.gziCompressedUnix Gzip File
.gzipCompressedGnu Zipped File