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.GP4 File Extension

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Guitar Pro 4 Tablature Icon
File TypeGuitar Pro 4 Tablature
DeveloperArobas Music
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Rare Uncommon Average Common Very Common
CategoryMisc Files
File Format Description

Guitar tabs format used by Guitar Pro 4, a multitrack guitar composition and accompaniment program; may contain guitar, bass, or banjo tabs; saves data in a music notation format that can be opened by Guitar Pro or other open-source guitar notation programs.

Program(s) that open .GP4 files
Mac OS X Logo
Mac OS
TuxGuitar Icon TuxGuitar
Icon DGuitar
Linux Logo
TuxGuitar Icon TuxGuitar
Icon KGuitar
Icon DGuitar
Updated 5/7/2007

Generic Icon
File TypeCCITT Group 4 Fax File
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CategoryRaster Image Files
File Format Description

Fax file saved by various fax programs; contains a generic fax document saved in the CCITT (International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee) standardized Group 4 format, which stores a a 1-bit, or bi-level, image using a lossless compression.

The Group 4 encoding format, designed for data networks, replaced the older Group 3 encoding format. It compresses data into much smaller sizes.

Program(s) that open .GP4 files
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Icon SFaxTools Studio FaxSee ProExternal Link
Icon SFaxTools Batch Fax to PDF
Icon SFaxTools Batch Fax2JPEG
Icon SFaxTools Batch fax2tif
Icon Magic View & Converter
Updated 1/29/2010