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(as of 4/2/2015)
LicenseOpen Source

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Sidescrolling gameplay
  • 26 game levels with 2 bonus levels
  • Level editor tool
  • Configurable joystick and keyboard input

SuperTux is a cross-platform 2D sidescroller game. It was originally created by Bill Kendrick but is now maintained by the SuperTux Development Team, which released Milestone 1, the current version.

The game revolves around a penguin named Tux and features 26 playable levels along with 2 bonus levels. It offers configurable joystick and keyboard input, game music, and a level editor. SuperTux also allows you to edit levels with the provided level editor tool.

SuperTux is a fun sidescroller game that is available for free. The game does borrow heavily from Super Mario Bros., so if you are a fan of classic Mario, you'll enjoy playing SuperTux.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.STSG – SuperTux Saved Game

Other file extensions used by SuperTux 1

Supported File Types
.SPRITESuperTux Sprite File
.STLSuperTux Level File
.STWMSuperTux World Map File

Updated: April 2, 2015