Onyxbits Text Fiction for Android

Version2(as of 11/24/2015)
LicenseOpen Source
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Main Features

  • Supports z3, z5, and z8 games
  • Provides different color schemes
  • Enables font and font size to be customized
  • Allows saving and restoring of games

Software Overview

Onyxbits Text Fiction is an open source Android text adventure interpreter. "Text adventures", also known as "interactive fiction", are text stories that the user can navigate by typing commands.

Text Fiction supports the Z-machine format, which includes z3, z5, and z7 games. It comes with a variety of helpful features to enhance your experience. You can configure quick command keys, customize the font and size, and change the color scheme of the interface. Text Fiction also enables stories to be read aloud via the TTS engine and lets you save and restore commands from the menu.

Text Fiction is used by interactive fiction fans looking to play text adventures while on their Android devices. Although the interpreter only supports the Z-machine format it comes with helpful features that make up for that shortcoming. If you are looking for an Android app to play Z-machine text adventures, go with Onyxbits Text Fiction.

Primary File Type

z8 icon.Z8Z-machine Z-code Version 8 File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.Z8Z-machine Z-code Version 8 File
.Z3Z-machine Z-code Version 3 File
.Z5Z-machine Z-code Version 5 File
.ZBLORBZ-machine Package Game File
Updated 11/24/2015