Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Main Features

  • Choose from 18 planes, 28 cities, and over 24,000 airports
  • Perform missions and earn rewards
  • Work as an Air Traffic Controller
  • Receive flying lessons in the Learning Center

Software Overview

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a Windows flight simulator sequel to Flight Simulator 2004. The simulator is available in 3 different editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Gold. The latest release was in October of 2006 but it was also made available for download as a Steam edition in December of 2014.

The simulator allows you to fly 18 planes in 28 cities (24 aircraft and 38 cities in the Deluxe edition) and land and take off from over 24,000 airports. You can fly through whiteout blizzard conditions, perform a search and rescue on an ocean liner, or fly as a NASA test pilot. The simulator provides a variety of game modes, which includes the ability to perform different missions and earn rewards for completing them or work as an Air Traffic Controller in the Deluxe edition.

You can participate in flying lessons in the Learning Center, which features narration by real-life pilot and instructor Rob Machado. Also, you can challenge friends to a race in the game's multiplayer mode.

Flight Simulator provides realistic flight simulation with high-resolution graphics. You can choose from a variety of aircraft to fly in cities worldwide and perform intense missions. However, Microsoft Flight Simulator faces stiff competition from X-Plane, which is more expensive but provides more features and ultimately is the better choice for flight simulation.

Primary File Type

file  icon.FSSAVEFlight Simulator X Games Explorer File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.FSSAVEFlight Simulator X Games Explorer File
.BGLFlight Simulator Scenery File
.FLTFlight Simulator Saved Flight
.GAUFlight Simulator Gauge File
.MDLFlight Simulator Airplane Model
.PLNFlight Simulator Flight Plan
.RWDMicrosoft Flight Simulator Rewards File
.SPBFlight Simulator Mission File
.VISVisibility Image File
.WXFlight Simulator Weather File
Updated 4/16/2015