Microsoft Exchange Server

Version2013(as of 8/11/2015)
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Main Features

  • Delivers email, calendar, and contacts
  • Simplifies deployments at any scale
  • Provides built-in monitoring and self-healing features to recover from failures
  • Prevents users from sending confidential information to unauthorized people
  • Comes with the easy-to-use Exchange Administration Center for managing your organization

Software Overview

Microsoft Exchange Server is a business server that delivers email, calendar, and contacts to your PC, browser, and phone. It is available through different Server and client access licenses (CALs) that feature standard and enterprise editions. You can purchase it as a standalone service or part of Office 365, which includes SharePoint, Skype for Business, and Office.

Exchange Server provides a variety of features to give you total control of user communications, increase user productivity, and keep data safe. The software features a building block model designed to simplify deployments at any scale and the Exchange Administration Center, which allows you to manage your organization with an easy-to-use, web-based interface and assign permissions to users based on their titles. Exchange Server also comes with built-in monitoring and self-healing capabilities to recover from failures.

The software provides advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security measures that help prevent the loss of sensitive information and give you the tools to regulate user permissions. You can create approved mobile device lists through the software's mobile device policies and enforce PIN lock and remove any company data from lost phones.

Exchange Server is a solid service for meeting the enterprise messaging needs of small and large organizations. It comes with a large amount of features to administer communication channels and secure sensitive company data. Microsoft Exchange Server is a reliable service that will help increase your organization's productivity.

Primary File Type

file  icon.EDBExchange Information Store Database

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.EDBExchange Information Store Database
.BADExchange Badmail File
.BDPExchange Diagnostic Message
.BDRExchange Non-Delivery Report Body File
.JRSExchange Reserve Transaction Log File
.JTXESE Transaction Log
.MMFMicrosoft Message File
.PABPersonal Address Book
.PSTOutlook Personal Information Store
.REQSSL Certificate Request File
.STFExchange 2000 Server Temporary File
.STMExchange Streaming Media File
Updated 8/11/2015