Microsoft Groove Music

Version1(as of 12/13/2018)
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Main Features

  • Stream music from Groove Music Pass and OneDrive
  • Play locally stored music files
  • Search for new music through the Explore feature
  • Create playlists that can be synced across different devices
  • Choose from light and dark color schemes

Software Overview

Microsoft Groove Music, which replaced Xbox Music, is the default music player for Windows 10. The application allows you to stream music through Groove Music Pass and OneDrive or play locally stored music. Microsoft discontinued the Groove Music Pass in December 2017 and Groove Music mobile app in 2018 but still offers the media player for Windows users.

Groove Music is created to be your go-to player for playing music in Windows. If you subscribe to Groove Music Pass you can access your music on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices by way of the Microsoft Groove app. Any playlist you create will be synced across these devices. You can also download music from Groove Music Pass for offline listening and it will be available to play in Groove Music without an Internet connection.

On your local machine, Groove Music supports many of the most popular music formats, including MP3, WAVE, FLAC, and AAC. You can build your music collection by telling the app where your music files are located on your computer and import music from your Apple iTunes library or Google Play Music. If you're tired of your music you can discover new artists through the app's Explore feature and then purchase and download music from the Windows store.

Groove Music is a pretty simplistic music player, which will make it attractive to users looking to just play music. However, there are some advanced features, such as playback and library organization options, that are sorely missed. Microsoft Groove Music will simplify your listening experience if you want to stream music through Groove Music Pass or OneDrive, but it will also turn away users looking for a more customizable listening experience provided by players like Windows Media Player.

Primary File Type

mp3 icon.MP3MP3 Audio File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MP3MP3 Audio File
.3G23GPP2 Multimedia File
.3GP3GPP Multimedia File
.AACAdvanced Audio Coding File
.AC3Audio Codec 3 File
.AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec File
.M4AMPEG-4 Audio File
.WAVWAVE Audio File
.WMAWindows Media Audio File
Updated 12/13/2018