Microsoft Dynamics AX

Version2012 R3(as of 1/26/2015)
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Main Features

  • Modules that automate and improve a variety of operational and administrative processes
  • Mobile app capabilities that allow you to perform an array of business-related functions
  • Broker and royalty contract management tools that enable you to manage payment of fees to brokers
  • Point of sale features that help employees better serve customers with advanced insights

Software Overview

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an enterprise resource planning application for Windows. It is one of several Microsoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems, along with Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, Dynamics C5, and Dynamics SL.

Dynamics AX is designed to support an organization's operational and administrative processes. The software features base modules for finance and accounting, supply chain management, human resources/payroll, manufacturing, customer relationship management, business intelligence, and enterprise performance management. Dynamics AX is internationally friendly as well, as it is localized for 36 countries with support of languages and currencies.

Dynamics AX gives you useful mobile capabilities allowing you to work on the go. The software enables you to perform a variety of functions, such as accessing consolidated customer insights at the point of sale, creating project time sheets, submitting expense reports, managing approvals, and providing shop floor workers with an overview of the production jobs that need attention. If you need a more customized app than the ones provided, Dynamics AX allows you to develop apps for your specific business scenarios.

The Dynamics AX software is geared towards the manufacturing, retail, distribution, services, and public sector industries. It is used by large companies, such as Nissan, Delta, AMEC, and Ashley Furniture Industries. Microsoft Dynamics is an in-depth piece of software that requires a good amount of training to understand all of its ERP capabilities. But if you are able to put in the time, it will prove to be a great solution that will allow you to better manage your organization's processes.

Primary File Type

file  icon.UDBDynamics AX User Database File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.UDBDynamics AX User Database File
.ADDDynamics AX Developer Documentation File
.ADIDynamics AX Developer Documentation Index File
.AHDDynamics AX Online Help Data File
.AHIDynamics AX Online Help Index File
.ALCDynamics AX Label Description File
.ALDDynamics AX Application Label Data File
.ALIDynamics AX Label Index File
.ALTDynamics AX Temporary File
.AODDynamics AX Object Data File
.AOIDynamics AX Application Object Index File
.KHDDynamics AX Kernel Help Data File
.KHIDynamics AX Kernel Help Index File
.XPPX++ Source Code File
Updated 1/26/2015