Google Drive for iOS

Version4(as of 8/4/2015)
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Main Features

  • Upload files from your iOS device to your Drive
  • View PDF, MP4, JPEG, PNG files and more
  • Share files and folders with other users

Software Overview

Google Drive is an iOS app that allows you to access and back up your files on your Drive. You need a Google account in order to install the app on your device.

Drive allows you to upload documents, videos, and images from your iPhone or iPad to your cloud storage. Once you upload the files, you can view them instantly, as Drive supports a variety of formats, such as PDF, Microsoft Office XML, JPEG, PNG, MOV, MP4, BMP, and TIFF. The app also allows you to share your files and folders with others and customize the viewing capabilities of the files and folders so anyone with a link can view, edit, or comment.

Google Drive enables you to manage your cloud storage from your iOS device. You can back up documents, video, and pictures from your device, view files that are already in your cloud storage space and share uploaded files and folders with others. Google Drive is a must-have tool for iOS users who need to manage their Drive cloud storage.

Primary File Type

jpg icon.JPGJPEG Image

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.BMPBitmap Image
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Document
.GDRAWGoogle Drawings Shortcut
.GIFGraphical Interchange Format File
.MOVApple QuickTime Movie
.MP4MPEG-4 Video
.PDFPortable Document Format File
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PPSXMicrosoft PowerPoint Slide Show
.PPTXMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation
.TIFTagged Image File
.XLSXMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document (Legacy)
.PPTMicrosoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy)
.XLSMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet (Legacy)
Updated 8/4/2015