Apple Mail

Version8(as of 12/17/2014)
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Main Features

  • Supports iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail services
  • Messages can be exported and imported in the MBOX format
  • Text-to-speech, spelling and grammar check, and PDF export capabilities
  • Mail Drop lets you attach files up to 5GB
  • Stationery styles for birthdays, announcements, photos, etc.

Software Overview

Apple Mail is an email application bundled with the OS X operating system. The program is bundled with the iOS platform as a mobile version, as well.

Mail allows you to access a variety of email services, such as iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo! Mail, and AOL Mail. The application uses the SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols and the MBOX format for storing and organizing email messages.

The application provides a variety of functions, including spelling and grammar check, text-to-speech capability, and the ability to export a message as a .PDF file. You can create different folders to organize your messages, flag emails, create and save signatures, and quickly load photos as attachments. You can also apply a variety of stationery styles for birthday invitations, photo collages, and other announcements with the .MAILSTATIONERY file.

Mail is a good option for OS X users who use multiple email services and want to organize their mail in one application. The application also provides some neat features such as stationery styles, shape and sketch insertion, and text-to-speech capability. Give Apple Mail a shot if you are looking for a solution to managing your multiple email accounts.

Primary File Type

mbox icon.MBOXEmail Mailbox

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MBOXEmail Mailbox
.EMLE-Mail Message
.EMLXApple Mail Message
.EMLXPARTMail Message Attachment
.MAILSTATIONERYApple Mail Stationery File
.MAILTOLOCMail Internet Location File
.MIMMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.SKINDEXMail Index File
.TNEFTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MIMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
.P10Certificate Request File
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.P7SDigitally Signed Email Message
Updated 12/17/2014