Zend Studio

Version12(as of 3/17/2015)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
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Main Features

  • Advanced code editor with real-time validation and analysis
  • ZendDebugger and Xdebug debugging options
  • Cross platform mobile app development tools
  • Large library of plugins
  • Source control integration with CVS, SVN, and GitHub

Software Overview

Zend Studio is an IDE used to develop PHP applications. It is available to purchase through different licenses and prices for open source and classroom projects, personal uses, and commercial uses.

The IDE features a variety of tools for developing PHP applications. Zend Studio provides an advanced code editor with split editing, intuitive code assist, code completion, and real-time validation and analysis, that help you save development time. Zend Studio offers advanced debugging capabilities and lets you choose between ZendDebugger and Xdebug to identify hidden bugs and performance issues. The IDE is extensible, as well, providing an large library of plugins that can be quickly accessed from the welcome screen.

Zend Studio can also help you create cross platform mobile applications on top of existing PHP applications with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The IDE even provides a fully working sample mobile app where you can use the code to study, copy, or edit for your own developing purposes.

Zend Studio is a popular professional IDE for PHP developers. It provides a variety of advanced tools but is also a beginner friendly environment as it offers helpful wizards and tutorials. For those developing in PHP, try Zend Studio.

Primary File Type

php icon.PHPPHP Source Code File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.PHPPHP Source Code File
.BUILDPATHEclipse Build Path File
.PROJECTEclipse Project Settings File
Updated 3/17/2015