Xilinx ISE Design Suite

Version14(as of 9/22/2014)
PlatformsWindows, Linux
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Main Features

  • Stimuli simulation to test a design’s reaction
  • Intelligent clock gating for dynamic power reduction
  • Design Preservation for timing repeatability
  • Partial Reconfiguration for better system flexibility and cost reduction

Software Overview

Xilinx ISE Design Suite is used to design customizable integrated circuits. Most notably, the suite is used to design the Field Programmable Array (FPGA), which allows a designer or customer to configure the circuit after manufacturing. ISE Design Suite is available for Windows and Linux platforms.

ISE Design Suite is created to allow you to synthesize and analyze your electronic circuit designs. The circuits are written with a specialized computer language called Hardware Description Language (HDL). With the suite, you can examine Register-Transfer Level diagrams, perform timing analyses, and simulate different stimuli to test your design’s reaction.

The ISE Design suite is available in different editions, such as Embedded, System, and WebPACK. While each edition is packaged with different features, ISE Design Suite offers tools that can be added for flexible configurations to enhance your productivity. Available tools include the ChipScope toolkit and Embedded Development Kit, each designed for use with the WebPACK edition. The ChipScope toolkit provides a quick setup and debug of serial I/O channels in high-speed FPGA designs, while the Embedded Development Kit is an IDE used to design embedded processing systems

The ISE Design Suite is a comprehensive tool that allows you to design, analyze, and test integrated circuits. It provides an array of powerful features packaged in different editions and even lets you customize your selection of tools. Xilinx ISE Design Suite is a great choice for designing and testing your integrated circuit designs.

Primary File Type

file  icon.XISEXilinx ISE Project File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.XISEXilinx ISE Project File
.BITXilinx Bitstream File
.ISCXilinx Device Configuration File
.ISEXilinx ISE Project
.JEDXilinx JEDEC Programming File
.NGCXilinx Generated Netlist File
.NGDXilinx Netlist File
.NPLXilinx ISE 5-6 Project File
.XSVFXilinx Serial Vector Format File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.BSDLBoundary Scan Description Language File
.EDNEDIF Implementation Netlist File
.IPFiMPACT Project File
.SVFSerial Vector Format File
.VVerilog Source Code File
.VHDVHDL Source File
.VPVerilog Encrypted Source Code File
Updated 9/22/2014