Windows Frotz

Version1(as of 7/27/2015)
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Main Features

  • Supports Blorb, Glulx, and Z-code formats
  • Allows you to save game progress in a .SAV file
  • Enables you to modify font, text color, and margin size

Software Overview

Windows Frotz is an interactive fiction (IF) interpreter for Windows. It was written by Stefan Jokisch in 1997 and has been ported to KDE, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and PalmOS.

Windows Frotz can be used to play a variety of IF formats, including Blorb, Glulx, and Z-code. The interpreter allows you to save games as .SAV files which allows you to stop and resume your game at a later time. The interface is simple and the program doesn't come with a lot of features, but it does allows you to customize your reading experience, as you can modify the font, size, text color, background color, margin size, speech voice, and speech speed.

Windows Frotz is a serviceable interpreter that supports Blorb, Glulx, and Z-code formats. The program offers a simple interface and a few options for customizing your reading and listening experience. Since Windows Frotz is one of the few interpreters available for Windows users, it's one of your best options.

Primary File Type

sav icon.SAVVideo Game Save File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.SAVVideo Game Save File
.BLBInteractive Fiction Package Game File
.BLORBInteractive Fiction Package Game File
.GBLORBGlulx Blorb Game File
.ULXGlulx Game File
.Z1Z-machine Z-code File
.ZBLORBZ-machine Package Game File
.ZLBZ-machine Package Game File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.Z2Z-machine Z-code Version 2 File
.Z3Z-machine Z-code Version 3 File
.Z4Z-machine Z-code Version 4 File
.Z5Z-machine Z-code Version 5 File
.Z6Z-machine Z-code Version 6 File
.Z7Z-machine Z-code Version 7 File
.Z8Z-machine Z-code Version 8 File
Updated 7/27/2015