WhatsApp Messenger

Version2.2(as of 5/14/2021)
PlatformsiOS, Android
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Main Features

  • Send and receive calls, messages, photos, video, and voice messages
  • Conduct group chats and calls with users worldwide
  • Secures messages and calls with end-to-end encryption
  • Show your style with statuses and stickers

Software Overview

WhatsApp Messenger (more commonly referred to as just WhatsApp) is a messaging app for Android and iOS devices. It allows users to exchange text and voice messages, conduct voice and video calls, and share images, videos, and documents, as long as the user has a valid cellphone number.

WhatsApp uses a mobile device's Internet connection to connect with other WhatsApp users. While WhatsApp does not allow you to message or call people who do not have WhatsApp, it does allow you to message and call international WhatsApp users at no charge. For this reason, WhatsApp is often used by those who are traveling, teaching, or working abroad, as well as those who want to conduct international group chats and calls. Additionally, those who have minutes-based cellphone plans can use WhatsApp to call other WhatsApp users without eating up their monthly minute allotment.

A few other features set WhatsApp apart from other messaging apps. Most importantly, messages sent and received via WhatsApp are encrypted, meaning they cannot be intercepted and read by third parties. WhatsApp also allows you to quickly import relevant contacts from your phone, set up group chat threads with custom names and profile pictures, and share your location with other users. Those concerned with self-expression will be delighted with the ability to set a WhatsApp status, complete with an included image or video, and the app's wealth of emoji-like stickers.

While web and desktop versions of WhatsApp exist, they require a connection to a mobile device that has WhatsApp installed. In most cases, you will be better off opening and using WhatsApp on your phone or tablet, rather than a computer.


With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging app. While it is best suited for group chats and calls, connecting with international users, and making calls without using minutes, it is also simply prevalent enough that you may want to install it to see what the fuss is about. Additional features make WhatsApp an upgrade over iOS and Android's standard messaging apps, though at the cost of adding another app to your likely already-cluttered mobile device.

Primary File Type

file  icon.CRYPT14WhatsApp Encrypted Database File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.CRYPT14WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPTWhatsApp Encrypted Database
.CRYPT10WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT12WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT5WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT6WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT7WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.CRYPT8WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.DB.CRYPTWhatsApp Encrypted Database
.DB.CRYPT12WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
.DB.CRYPT8WhatsApp Encrypted Database File
Updated 5/14/2021