TeamViewer for Mac

Version15(as of 12/28/2020)
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Main Features

  • Establish remote desktop connections, participate in meetings, and transfer files
  • Run TeamViewer within a web browser
  • Chat from anywhere through your TeamViewer account
  • Provide users with the easy-to-use QuickSupport module

Software Overview

TeamViewer is an application used to establish remote connections to other computers. The software is mainly used for desktop sharing, participating in meetings, chatting with other users, and making video calls.

TeamViewer is optimized to use the least amount of bandwidth while still providing efficient image rendering and quick file transfer speed. When you are engaged in a remote control session the application offers a number of helpful features. You can capture a screenshot of the remote computer, switch between monitors, record a session, alter screen resolution, transfer files, or initiate a secure call or chat with the other user.

The software makes it easy for your customers to get support with the QuickSupport module, which can be accessed through an icon on their desktop. TeamViewer allows you to remote control one or multiple Android systems at a time, even unattended devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, and point of sale devices. You can also run TeamViewer from within your web browser, which is helpful if you do not have the credentials to install TeamViewer but still need to connect to a remote device.

The application is available for free for personal use but is primarily used for business IT purposes, which requires purchase of the software. The price is steep unless you plan to implement the software on many computers. Therefore, TeamViewer is a high quality solution in the corporate environment for IT users that need to establish remote connections with other users.

Primary File Type

tvs icon.TVSTeamViewer Video Session File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.TVSTeamViewer Video Session File
.TPSRTeamViewer Pilot Session Report File
.TVCTeamViewer Configuration File
.TVDOWNLOADTeamViewer Download File
Updated 12/28/2020