Smile TextExpander

Version6(as of 12/16/2016)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Main Features

  • Saves commonly used text and images as snippets
  • Syncs snippets across your devices
  • Corrects spelling errors in multiple languages

Software Overview

Smile TextExpander is a utility that allows you to create keyboard shortcuts for commonly used text such as contact information, code, an email signature, or a company slogan. The program syncs snippets across all your devices, lets you share snippets with coworkers, corrects spelling errors in multiple languages, and provides helpful coding features.

TextExpander enables you to save snippets of text (including images and links) and assign abbreviations to them so when you type the abbreviations the program inserts the assigned text or images to reduce your typing time. After you add a snippet TextExpander saves it to its cloud storage and syncs it across all your compatible devices through your user account. The application allows you to share snippets with other users in your organization and gives you tools to manage their privileges when editing them. TextExpander also corrects spelling errors in several languages including English, Spanish, German, and French.

The software makes it easy to add new snippets by providing suggestions while you work when it recognizes that you type the same text several times. This is helpful in several cases including when you browse the web and fill out information in forms. TextExpander can save your information and fill in future forms to save time. The utility is not limited to only saving basic contact information. It also comes with some basic coding features for creating scripts and writing HTML and CSS.

TextExpander is a useful tool for being more productive at the office or simply browsing the web at home. It works across different programs and devices and provides helpful features for managing your saved snippets. The program is not a necessity by any means but if you are concerned with becoming a more efficient computer user, Smile TextExpander will help you achieve your goal.

Primary File Type

textexpandersettings icon.TEXTEXPANDERSETTINGSTextExpander Settings File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.TEXTEXPANDERTextExpander Settings File
Updated 12/16/2016