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Main Features

  • Provides courses for a large amount of languages such as English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Greek, and Hebrew
  • Teaches through various activities including fill in the blank, matching, and speech repetition
  • Available as a two-year online subscription or desktop download or CD-ROM

Software Overview

Rosetta Stone Language Learning is software that helps users speak, read, and write a language more effectively. It combines interactive words and images with real-time feedback to give individuals, educators, and enterprises an immersive experience.

Rosetta Stone comes with several tools to help you take better command over a language through speaking, reading, and writing. The software supports many languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Korean, Latin, Swedish, and German. Each language course consists of 3 to 5 levels with core lessons that focuses on pronunciation, writing, vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, and speaking.

The application primarily uses a combination of words and images to help you remember meanings and associations. It introduces sentence structures gradually, allowing you to acclimate to the language instead of throwing too much at you too soon. Some of the exercises the app challenges you with include fill in the blank, matching, and speech repetition. This approach is effective for helping you differentiate between words and their meanings, however, there is not a lot explanation provided by the software on the nuances of the language or grammatical rules. This shortcoming results in the student becoming better at recognizing and understanding words and sentences but does not provide much help in regards to why certain conjugations are taking place or the subtle differences of language use based on culture.

The software is available as an online subscription, a desktop download, or a desktop CD-ROM. The online subscription comes with access for 1 user and unlimited access for 2 years on your phone, tablet, and desktop computer. The desktop download and CD-ROM packages come with access for 5 family members, a language course that never expires, Android or iOS mobile app access for 3 months, and native-speaking tutors for 3 months.

Rosetta Stone is the most popular software in the world for learning a second language. Unfortunately, for many users the software comes at too steep of a price. It has come down over the years but still will force some users to look for alternative language-teaching avenues. If you can afford the cost, Rosetta Stone will prove to be a good assistant in your efforts. However, it does not make it easier to learn a language, you still have to put in the work, and the software still cannot compare to a real-life tutor.

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