Rigs of Rods

Version2021.10(as of 12/28/2021)
PlatformsWindows, Linux
LicenseOpen Source
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Rating:3.3  |  6 Votes

Main Features

  • Pilot trucks, planes, boats, and other vehicles
  • Simulate collisions using soft-body physics
  • Create and/or import custom content
  • Play with others and engage in active community discussions

Software Overview

Rigs of Rods is an open-source 3D vehicle simulator used to simulate the experience of driving and/or crashing a truck, plane, train, boat, or other vehicle. It is available for Windows and Linux.

Users can pilot a host of pre-existing vehicles, including big rig trucks, sports cars, airplanes, trains, and boats. They can also create their own vehicles (saved as .TRUCK files) and terrain and import those files into the game.

To recreate each vehicle's driving physics, Rigs of Rods uses soft-body physics models, such as the mass-spring-damper model, blade element theory, and accuracy buoyancy model. Besides its core simulator features, Rigs of Rods also includes support for custom AngelScript scripting and a multiplayer game mode.


Vehicle and collision enthusiasts looking for a free, fun diversion will enjoy Rigs of Rods. The program's simulations are nowhere near the same quality as professional vehicle simulators. However, Rigs of Rods' its availability, extensibility, and passionate user community make it a great choice for those hoping to while away a few hours driving (or crashing) a vehicle.

Primary File Type

file  icon.TRUCKRigs of Rods Vehicle Definition File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.TRUCKRigs of Rods Vehicle Definition File
.MAPRigs of Rods Key Assignments File
.MATERIALRigs of Rods Texture Reference File
.SOUNDSCRIPTRigs of Rods Sound Script File
.TERRNRigs of Rods Terrain File
.TERRN2Rigs of Rods Terrain 2 File
Updated 12/28/2021