Version6(as of 9/22/2015)
PlatformsWindows, Mac
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Main Features

  • Supports FASTA, GCG, and PHYLIP formats
  • Build sequence alignments
  • Test evolutionary hypotheses
  • Diagnose mutations
  • Estimate divergence times

Software Overview

MEGA (Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis) is a tool used to analyze evolutionary DNA and protein sequences. The application is available as a GUI interface edition and a command line edition.

MEGA supports several DNA and protein sequence formats including FASTA, GCG, PIR/NBRF, PHYLIP, and Clustal W. The application can be used to build sequence alignments, estimate divergence times, infer phylogenetic histories, diagnose mutations, estimate rates of molecular evolution, and test evolutionary hypotheses. The application also comes with tutorials and example files to help first-time users get started.

MEGA is designed for laboratory research use by biologists to reconstruct evolutionary histories of genes and species. It supports several popular DNA and protein sequence formats while giving you tools to examine the data and perform a variety of tests. MEGA is a necessary tool for those conducting research with DNA and protein sequences.

Primary File Type

file  icon.MDSXMEGA Saved Session

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.MDSXMEGA Saved Session
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.GCGGCG DNA Sequence File
.MEGMEGA Data File
.MTSMEGA Tree Session File
Updated 9/22/2015