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StormLib Library

(as of 6/27/2014)
LicenseOpen Source

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Read MPQ archives to access assets from games
  • Write to MPQ archives to modify games
  • Integrate the library into custom applications

StormLib Library is an open source library used to read and write files from and to MPQ archives, which are used by games from Blizzard Entertainment. The program was originally developed to extract the music and sound files from the action RPG game Diablo.

StormLib Library is great at serving its purpose. It was designed simply to read and write to MPQ archives and that is what it does. It is free to use and no license is required to include it your projects.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.MPQ – Blizzard Mo'PaQ File

Other file extensions used by StormLib Library 11

Supported File Types
.SC2ARCHIVEBlizzard StarCraft 2 Archive File
.SC2ASSETSBlizzard StarCraft 2 Assets File
.SC2DATABlizzard StarCraft 2 Data File
.SC2MAStarCraft 2 Map Data File
.SC2MODBlizzard StarCraft 2 Modification File

Updated: June 27, 2014