Integrated Genome Browser

Version9(as of 6/29/2016)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
LicenseOpen Source
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Main Features

  • Supports various genome formats such as GenBank and FASTA
  • Interact with data with zooming and panning animations
  • Access and load genomes from QuickLoad sites
  • Transform data into various graph forms
  • Share data with collaborators through Dropbox
  • Install plugins for additional functionality

Software Overview

Integrated Genome Browser (IGB) is an open source program used to view and explore large genomic datasets. You can view various data formats, interact with your data, create graphs, save your information as images, and share you data with collaborators.

IGB allows you to view data from annotations and aligned sequences. The program supports a variety of formats such as FASTA, BAM, BEDGRAPH, BigWIG, Cytoband, and GenBank. You can take data and transform it into a variety of graph forms including mismatch graphs for highlighting data differences and depth graphs for showing coverage. You can also interact with your data through IGB's zooming and panning animations.

IGB enables you to access and load genomes from QuickLoad sites, which are simple systems of directories, sequences, and other data files for visualization purposes. IGB provides advanced functionality with plugin support to add functionality and workflow automation through the use of scripts. IGB also gives you advanced features for sharing your data, whether it be publishing it as a high quality JPEG, PNG, or SVG image or storing data in Dropbox to give your collaborators access to your project.

IGB is primarily used by university researchers, biologists, and bioinformaticians. It provides advanced tools for opening a variety of genome data formats, visualizing data as different graphs, and sharing data with collaborators. Unfortunately, the program relies on grants for continued development, which means that support for the application could cease at any time. However, Integrated Genome Browser is still a capable, customizable program for users looking to explore and analyze their genome data.

Primary File Type

xml icon.XMLXML File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.BEDUCSC BED Annotation Track File
.DASDeltaMaster Analysis Session
.FAFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.FASFASTA Sequence File
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.GBGenBank Data File
.SGRSGR Genome Data File
.USEQUSeq Genome Data File
Updated 6/29/2016