H&R Block Canada Tax Software

Version2019(as of 12/4/2019)
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Main Features

  • Features step-by-step guidance throughout the process
  • Enables quick and secure filing through the CRA's NETFILE service
  • Handles all personal tax scenarios including couples, dependents, and investments
  • Guarantees 100% accurate calculations to get your maximum refund
  • Provides free support from experts all year long

Software Overview

H&R Block Canada Tax Software (previously called "At Home") is a program used to prepare and file federal tax returns in Canada. In order to comply with new tax codes, H&R Block Canada releases a new edition of Tax Software each year, which means software installed for 2018 is not valid for completing 2019 tax returns.

Tax Software is designed by tax professionals and provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the tax return process. The software can handle a variety of personal tax scenarios, including couples, dependents, and investments. The application features optimizers for tax breaks that help Canadian families attain bigger refunds. As you fill out your information, the program performs error checks and tax validation in order to ensure that returns are compliant with tax regulations. If you pay a penalty because of an error made by the software, H&R Block will reimburse you.

Tax Software is an accurate and reliable tax preparation program, while still being easy and helpful enough for ordinary users. The program provides step-by-step instructions, free support from knowledgeable experts year-round, and convenient import features to help you get your maximum refund. Also, the product is available for free to download and prepare your taxes, which means you pay only when you are ready to file. H&R Block Canada Tax Software will help you get your maximum refund while decreasing your money-related headaches this tax season.

Primary File Type

file  icon.H17H&R Block Canada 2017 Tax Return

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.H17H&R Block Canada 2017 Tax Return
.H10At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return
.H11At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return
.H12At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return
.H13H&R Block Canada 2013 Tax Return
.H14H&R Block Canada 2014 Tax Return
.H15H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return
.H16H&R Block Canada 2016 Tax Return
Updated 12/4/2019