Heracle BioSoft DNA Baser

Version4(as of 2/5/2016)
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Main Features

  • Edit and view chromatograms
  • Assemble contigs
  • Convert DNA sequences to other formats
  • Reverse complement sequences
  • Detect multiploid, diploid, and haploid mutations

Software Overview

Heracle BioSoft DNA Baser Sequence Assembler is a DNA sequence assembling tool. It is used to analyze, assemble, align, manipulate, and convert DNA sequences.

The software supports a variety of DNA sequence formats such as FASTA, GBK, SCF, ABI, SCF, and SEQ. DNA Baser also features a native .BASERPROJ format, which is used to store your projects. Some of the the application's capabilities include the ability to edit and view chromatograms, assemble contigs, reverse complement sequences, and cut primers. DNA Baser also provides advanced mutation detection, which includes several multiploid, diploid, and haploid modules that can be controlled with three main parameters and are easy to overview.

DNA Baser is used by a large number of companies and research institutions around the world. Scientists will appreciate its simplicity and functionality when it comes to working with DNA sequences and format support. Heracle BioSoft DNA Baser is an inexpensive tool that assists its users to analyze, assemble, align, manipulate, and convert DNA sequences.

Primary File Type

file  icon.BASERPROJDNA Baser Project File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.BASERPROJDNA Baser Project File
.ABDNA Sequence File
.AB1DNA Electropherogram File
.ABIDNA Chromatogram File
.FAFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.FASFASTA Sequence File
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.GBGenBank Data File
.GBKGenBank Data File
.SCFDNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.SEQDNA Sequence Text File
Updated 2/5/2016