GSL Biotech SnapGene

Version2(as of 9/20/2018)
PlatformsWindows, Mac, Linux
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Main Features

  • Support for common DNA sequence file formats, such as GenBank and ApE
  • In-Fusion cloning tool creates seamless gene fusions
  • Gibson Assembly inserts fragments into a plasmid without the use of restriction enzymes
  • Automatic documentation records all of the steps in your cloning project

Software Overview

GSL Biotech SnapGene is a molecular biology program used to document DNA sequences. It is similar to SnapGene Viewer, which is free, but does not offer the same advanced features as SnapGene. Both programs are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

SnapGene provides tools that allow you to plan, visualize, and document all of your molecular biology procedures. The program's In-Fusion cloning tool simulates gene fusions of your selected DNA fragments. As you work, SnapGene highlights DNA restriction sites, automatically marking sites blocked by methylation, and allows you to choose or define custom enzyme sets.

SnapGene can import and export a variety of common DNA sequencing file formats, such as ApE, Gene Construction Kit, GenBank, DNASTAR Lasergene, and MacVector. The application enables you to browse large DNA sequences and quickly navigate chromosomes with the help of intelligent searching and zooming controls. As you perform all these functions, SnapGene automatically records each step in your cloning project, every time you edit a sequence or perform a simulation, the procedure is logged in a graphical history.

SnapGene is an impressive application for handling molecular biology procedures. It provides an array of useful DNA sequence analysis tools and supports a variety of common file formats. GSL Biotech SnapGene is a great laboratory resource that will aid you in your visualization and analysis of DNA sequences.

Primary File Type

dna icon.DNASnapGene DNA File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.DNASnapGene DNA File
.AB1DNA Electropherogram File
.ABIDNA Chromatogram File
.CM5Clone Manager File
.FAFASTA Formatted Sequence File
.FASTAFASTA Sequence File
.PD4Clone Manager Primer File
.PX5Clone Manager Primer Collection File
.SBDDNASTAR SeqBuilder File
.SCFDNA Sequence Chromatogram File
.SEQDNA Sequence Text File
.XDNADNA Strider Sequence File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.FASFASTA Sequence File
Updated 9/20/2018