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Adobe InCopy

(as of 8/21/2017)
CC 2017

Software Overview

Screenshot of Adobe InCopy CC 2017

Screenshot of Adobe InCopy CC 2017

Main Features

  • Integrate projects with InDesign for easier word processing and collaboration with other users
  • Use standard word processor tools such as spell checking, bulleted lists, word count, and change tracking
  • Find templates, extensions, and plug-ins with Adobe Exchange
  • Browse and find fonts with the font search and filter
  • View projects in story, gallery, or layout mode

Adobe InCopy is a word processing program that integrates with Adobe InDesign. It is a fully functional word processor but is rarely used without InDesign. The program is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud.

InCopy allows collaboration between content writers and designers who use InDesign. The designer can work on the page layout while the writer simultaneously creates or edits the content. InCopy also includes management tools to control what part of the project each team member is working on.

Adobe InCopy has many features that add convenience to your workflow. With the font search and filter you can find exactly the font you are looking for and with Sync Fonts you can add new fonts from the Adobe Typekit library. Also, if you want to expand the functionality of InCopy, you can search Adobe Exchange for extensions, plug-ins, and templates from a convenient panel in the program.

InCopy is a great word processing program that is integrated with InDesign and simplifies collaboration. If you're working with a team or on your own on an InDesign project, InCopy is a great asset and is worth trying. If you just need a basic word processor, there are more suitable options available.

▶ Primary file extension

.ICML – InCopy Document

▶ Other file extensions used by Adobe InCopy CC 2017

Supported File Types
.ICAPInCopy Package File
.ICMAInCopy Assignment File
.ICMTInCopy Template
.ICSTInCopy Document Preset File
.IDAPAdobe InDesign Assignment Package
Additional Related File Formats
.ASEAdobe Swatch Exchange File
.ATNPhotoshop Actions File
.IDMSAdobe InDesign Snippet
.INCAInCopy CS3 Assignment File
.INCDInCopy Document
.INCPInCopy CS3 Package File
.INCTInCopy Template
.INCXInCopy CS3 Interchange File
.INDDAdobe InDesign Document
.INDESIGNPLUGINAdobe InDesign Plug-in
.INDKAdobe Shortcut Set File
.INDPAdobe InDesign CS3 Package File
.INDSAdobe InDesign Snippet File
.MXIAdobe Extension Information File
.PSETAdobe InDesign Plug-in Set File
.SMRDAdobe InDesign Filter File
.SMWTAdobe InDesign Filter

Updated: August 21, 2017