Adobe FrameMaker

Version16(as of 2/2/2022)
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Main Features

  • Publish content to several popular formats, such as EPUB, PDF, and responsive HTML5
  • Manage content through integrated content management systems and Dropbox
  • Embed videos, images, and other media in documents
  • Customize the user interface to suit how you work

Software Overview

Screenshot of Adobe FrameMaker 16
Screenshot of Adobe FrameMaker 16

Technical writers use Adobe FrameMaker to write, manage, and publish technical documentation. FrameMaker allows writers to create structured and unstructured documents and publish those documents in a variety of formats, including .PDF, Responsive HTML5, .EPUB, .HTML, and more.

The program includes many document templates and tools that speed up the writing and document management process. For example, writers can begin creating a technical manual using FrameMaker's structured book template, and they can import existing content from Microsoft Word documents. Writers can also embed YouTube videos, images, and other rich media in their documents.

In addition to allowing writers to create and publish complex documents, FrameMaker integrates with several content management systems (CMS), including Adobe Experience Manager and Microsoft SharePoint. This allows writers to manage documents using their favorite CMS's check in and check out procedures. Writers can also store documents in Dropbox, to share with users who do not have access to their CMS.


Professional technical writers across a number of industries, including aerospace and pharmaceuticals, hold FrameMaker in high regard. The program includes many helpful features and can publish documents to a variety of popular formats. If you are a technical writer, use Windows, and can afford the cost, Adobe FrameMaker will help you create and manage complex technical documentation.

Primary File Type

fm icon.FMFrameMaker Document

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.FMFrameMaker Document
.BOOKFrameMaker Book File
.DITADITA Document
.DITAVALDITA Conditions File
.FRMForm File
.MIFFrameMaker Interchange Format File
.MMLFrameMaker Maker Markup Language File
.SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language File

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.BKFrameMaker Book File
Updated 2/2/2022