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File TypeMicrosoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet Template

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What is an XLTM file?

An XLTM file is a macro-enabled template created by Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet application included in the Microsoft Office suite. It contains predefined settings and layout information, including one or more macros, used to create .XLSM or .XLSX files. XLTM files are used to quickly create spreadsheets using default formatting and properties.

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Screenshot of a .xltm file in Microsoft Excel 365
XLTM file open in Microsoft Excel 365

XLTM files are similar to .XLTX files, which also contain Excel templates. However, XLTM templates contain one or more macros, which are a series of commands a user has grouped together so they can easily execute a repetitive or complex task, such as formatting a document, entering data, or performing calculations.

If a user who has created a spreadsheet from an XLTM file wants to save the template's macros in their spreadsheet, they must save the spreadsheet as an XLSM file. If a user does not want to save the macros in their spreadsheet, they can save the spreadsheet as an XLSX file.

How do I open an XLTM file?

You can open XLTM files in Microsoft Excel (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). Excel 2007 and later versions can open XLSM files by default, and earlier versions can open XLSM files if you have installed the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack. For security reasons, Excel does not enable XLTM files' macros by default. To enable macros in an XLTM file, click Enable Macros when prompted.

After you open your XLTM file in Excel, you can either edit the template the XLTM file contains, or you can use the XLTM file to create a new spreadsheet.


While XLTM files are typically legitimate Microsoft Excel spreadsheet templates, they may also be used to distribute and execute malware attacks on victims' computers. To protect against malicious XLSM attacks, never open or enable macros within an XLSM file unless you can verify its legitimacy and source.

Open and view .XLTM files with File Viewer Plus.

Programs that open XLTM files

Updated 2/11/2021

About XLTM Files

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