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Text Files

Text files contain textual data and may be saved in plain text or rich text formats. While most text files are documents created and saved by users, they can also be used by software developers to store program data. Examples of text files include word processing documents, log files, and saved email messages.

Common text file extensions include .TXT, .RTF, .LOG, and .DOCX.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document
.WPSMicrosoft Works Word Processor Document
.TEXLaTeX Source Document
.MSGOutlook Mail Message
.ODTOpenDocument Text Document
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.WPDWordPerfect Document
.LOGLog File
.RTFRich Text Format File
.TXTPlain Text File
.PAGESPages Document
.LSTData List
.FDXFinal Draft Document
.GDOCGoogle Drive Document
.DWDDavkaWriter File
.ABWAbiWord Document
.STYLaTeX Style
.BIBBibTeX Bibliography Database
.EMLE-Mail Message
.WTTWrite! Document
.WPTWordPerfect Template
.WPSKingsoft Writer Document
.SIGSignature File
.DOTXWord Open XML Document Template
.RSTreStructuredText File
.TDFXserve Test Definition File
.HHTHelp and Support Center HHT File
.RZNRed Zion Notes File
.BADExchange Badmail File
.BDRExchange Non-Delivery Report Body File
.OFLOts File List
.GSDGeneral Station Description File
.CRWLWindows Crawl File
.QDLQDL Program
.GTHRGather Log File
.NOTESMemento Notes File
.GVGraphviz DOT File
.U3IU3 Application Information File
.LNTLaego Note Taker File
.HSJava HelpSet File
.LXFMLLEGO Digital Designer XML File
.TDFGuide Text Definition File
.MWPLotus Word Pro SmartMaster File
.SMSExported SMS Text Message
.BOCEasyWord Big Document
.LP2iLEAP Word Processing Document
.KWDKWord Document
.BIBBibliography Document
.IDXOutlook Express Mailbox Index File
.XWPXerox Writer Text Document
.XWPXMLwriter Project
.CHORDSong Chords File
.TABGuitar Tablature File
.UNAUTHSiteMinder Unauthorized Message File
.PSWPocket Word Document
.SSASub Station Alpha Subtitle File
.LYXLyX Document
.LUFLipikar Uniform Format File
.FBLCADfix Command Level Log File
.MELLELMellel Word Processing Document
.MELLMellel Word Processing File
.ASEAutodesk ASCII Scene Export File
.KNTKeyNote Note File
.CYIClustify Input File
.BEANBean Rich Text Document
.RZKFile Crypt Password File
.SCWMovie Magic Screenwriter Document
.BIBTEXBibTeX Bibliography Database
.GPDGeneric Printer Description File
.SUBLIME-WORKSPACESublime Text Workspace File
.SUBLIME-PROJECTSublime Text Project File
.QPFQuickPad Encrypted Document
.PAGES-TEFPages iCloud Document
.CNMNoteMap Outline File
.PWDPocket Word Document
.FODTOpenDocument Flat XML Document
.BTDBusiness-in-a-Box Document
.NJXNJStar Document
.IPSPOTiPhoto Spot File
.MD5.TXTMessage Digest 5 Hash File
.ADOCAsciiDoc File
.CALCACalca Document
.FWDRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Display
.FOUNTAINFountain Script File
.NWPNow Contact WP Document
.ZRTFNisus Compressed Rich Text File
.PUPlantUML File
.EIOYozo Office File
.NBNota Bene File
.KESKurzweil 3000 Document
.UOTUniform Office Document
.AWWAbility Write Document
.BZABWCompressed AbiWord Document
.TEMPLATEApple Pages Template
.HWPHanword Document
.TEXTCLIPPINGMac OS X Text Clipping File
.TMDTextMaker Document
.RISResearch Information Systems Citation File
.MWDMarinerWrite Document
.FLRFlare Decompiled ActionScript File
.BNABarna Word Processor Document
.ZABWCompressed AbiWord Document File
.SLAScribus Document
.XBDOCXiosis Scribe Document
.SCRIVXScrivener XML Document
.SCRIVScrivener Document
.STORYStoryist Document
.FCFFinal Draft Converter File
.FDXTFinal Draft 8 Template
.FDTFinal Draft 5-7 Template
.WEBDOCBox.net Web Document
.LTXLaTeX Document
.SLA.GZScribus Compressed Document
.BDPExchange Diagnostic Message
.SDWStarOffice Writer Text Document
.LSTFoxPro Documenting Wizard List
.MNTFoxPro Menu Memo
.PJTFoxPro Project Memo
.KONYahoo! Widget XML File
.VCTVisual Class Library Memo
.DNENetica Text File
.RPTGeneric Report
.FRTFoxPro Report Memo
.DVIDevice Independent Format File
.EMLXMail Message
.DOCWordPad Document
.DXDEC WPS Plus File
.LBTFoxPro Label Memo
.FPTFoxPro Table Memo
.SXWStarOffice Writer Document
.TEXTPlain Text File
.OTTOpenDocument Document Template
.SUBSubtitle File
.NFOWarez Information File
.P7SDigitally Signed Email Message
.ANSANSI Text File
.UTF8Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document
.DIZDescription in Zip File
.RTFDRich Text Format Directory File
.MBOXE-mail Mailbox File
.RTDRagTime Document
.READMEReadme File
.UNXUnix Text File
.SAFETEXTSafeText File
.UTXTUnicode Text File
.CHARSETCharacter Set
.XDLXML Schema File
.ETFENIGMA Transportable File
.STRINGSText Strings File
.WPAACT! Word Processing Document
.LWPLotus Word Pro Document
.WPDACT! 2 Word Processing Document
.DOTMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template
.DOCMWord Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.LISSQR Output File
.ERRError Log File
.XYPXYWrite Plus Document
.XYWXYWrite for Windows Document
.XDLOracle Expert Definition Language File
.PWIPocket Word Document
.KLGLog File
.FDRFinal Draft Document
.XY3XYWrite III Document
.SCTFoxPro Form Memo
.NWMNisus Macro
.SESSIONMozilla Firefox Session File
.EMFJasspa MicroEmacs Macro File
.MINMint Source File
.SMFStarMath Formula File
.ODMOpenDocument Master Document
.1STReadme File
.AWTAbiWord Template
.TABTab Separated Data File
.WBKWordPerfect Workbook
.WPWordPerfect Document
.SXGApache OpenOffice Master Document
.STWStarOffice Document Template
.EITYozo Office Template File
.PWDPPassword Pad Document
.JISJapanese Industry Standard Text
.WRIWindows Write Document
.PFSPhotoFiltre Studio Saved Selection File
.WP5WordPerfect 5 Document
.HZChinese (Hanzi) Text
.UOFUniform Office Document
.SAMAmi Pro Document
.TMVTextMaker Template
.CWSClaris Works Template
.BRXBeam Report Document
.AWPAbility Write Template
.RTXRich Text Document
.CHARTFeedback Chart File
.HBKMathcad Handbook File
.XBPLATEXiosis Scribe Template
.NDOCNaver Word
.APTAlmost Plain Text File
.OCRFAXGrapper Fax Text File
.WP4WordPerfect 4 Document
.WPTKingsoft Writer Template
.SKCARDStarfish Sidekick Card File
.CODAtlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document
.SDMStarOffice Mail Message
.TLBVAX Text Library
.GPNGlidePlan Map Document
.FDSFinal Draft Secure Copy
.RUNRunscanner Scan File
.ACTFoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram
.PVMPhoto Video Manifest File
.ERRFoxPro Compilation Error
.PVJProofVision Job Ticket
.TVJTrueView Job Ticket
.TPCTopic Connection Placeholder
.ATYAssociation Type Placeholder
.NWCTXTNoteWorthy Composer Text File
.SCCScenarist Closed Caption File
.PRTPrinter Output File
.PFXFirst Choice Word Processing Document
.DGSDagesh Pro Document
.ASCAutodesk ASCII Export File
.SCMSchema File
.FDFAcrobat Forms Data Format
.VNTMobile Phone vNote File
.EPPEditPad Pro Project
.APKGExported Anki Flashcard Deck
.TMTeXmacs Document
.PDPCMDPdplayer Command File
.DXBDuxbury Braille File
.TRELBYTrelby File
.BBSBulletin Board System Text
.PWRPowerWrite Document
.PMOPegasus Saved Message File
.JNPJava Web Start File
.NGLOSSNisus Writer Glossary
.DXPDuxbury Print File
.SEShuttle Document
.GMDGroupMail Message
.BMLBraille 2000 Braille File
.ORTRich Text Editor Document
.WP7WordPerfect 7 Document
.MWMacWrite Text Document
.PWDPLPassword Pad Lite Document
.DROPBOXDropbox Shared Folder Tracker
.IPFOS/2 Help File
.FAQFrequently Asked Questions Document
.LATEXLaTeX Document
.NOWReadme File
.WP6WordPerfect 6 Document
.UPDProgram Update Information
.DTFIFlexiWrite Document
.JOEJOE Document
.XWPCrosstalk Session File
.MEReadme Text File
.WSDWordStar Document
.RFTRevisable Form Text Document
.DOXMultiMate Document
.FFTFinal Form Text File
.VWVolkswriter Text File
.WPWWP Works Word Processor File
.ODOOnline Operating System Write Document
.OPENBSDOpenBSD Readme File
.WPD602Text Word Processing Document
.SAFSafeText File
.XYXYWrite Document
.WPLDEC WPS Plus Text Document
.ETXStructure Enhanced Text (Setext) File
.ZWChinese Text File
.HWPHangul (Korean) Text Document
.JP1Japanese (Romaji) Text File
.LUENorton LiveUpdate Log File
.PRTCrypt Edit Protected Text Format File
.THPTurboTax Text String
.MANUnix Manual
.FWDNfWriter Document
.DSCText Description File
.DOCXMLMicrosoft Word XML Document
.WNWriteNow Text Document
.EUCExtended Unix Code File
.JARVISJarvis Subscriber File
.DCADisplayWrite Document
.SAVENano Temporary Save File
.DOCZThinkFree Online Note Document
.LYTTurboTax Install Log File
.JRTFJAmes OS Rich Text File
.IILCleanSweep Installation Log
.WTXText Document
.SDOCSatra Khmer Document
.RADRadar ViewPoint Radar Data
.LTRLetter File
.ODIFOpen Document Interchange Format
.MCWMacWrite II Document