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.COD File Extension

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File Type 1Compiled Source Code

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CategoryDeveloper Files


File format categories include Binary, Text, XML, and Zip. The format of this file type has not been determined.


Compiled source code written in Fortran, dBASE, or Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME); may also be created with Research In Motion's BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE).

More Information

Compiled Java .cod files are used to create programs for BlackBerry mobile phones.

Program(s) that open .COD files
Microsoft Windows LogoWindows
Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
Research In Motion BlackBerry JDE
Updated 6/20/2009

File Type 2Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document

DeveloperRising Sun Solutions
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CategoryText Files


This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.


Encrypted document created by Atlantis Word Processor, a word processing program for Windows; encrypted using a 256-bit encryption key; used to protect sensitive written information; may be decrypted with the password that the user supplied when encrypting the document.

More Information

COD documents support text, images, page layout formatting, clipart, indexes, and other word processing features. Atlantis Word Processor can also save common document formats to COD files, including .DOC, .DOCX, and .RTF formats.

NOTE: When opening a COD file, Atlantis Word Processor never stores any part of the unencrypted data on the hard drive. All data is stored in memory and is lost when the computer shuts down.

Program(s) that open .COD files
Microsoft Windows LogoWindows
Rising Sun Solutions Atlantis Word Processor
Updated 5/6/2010