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File Type
This file is saved in a plain text format.
Therefore, you can view the contents of the file in a text editor.
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Mathematica Notebook
DeveloperWolfram Research
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Rare Uncommon Average Common Very Common
CategorySpreadsheet Files
File Format Description

Structured document created by Mathematica, an application used for mathematical and scientific computation; may store text, images, audio, functions, and interactive user interface elements; allows mathematical results to be viewed in an interactive document.

Notebook files are saved in a plain text format. Their data is arranged in cells, similar to a standard spreadsheet. Notebooks can be exported to many different file formats, including raster graphic, GIS, compressed, and spreadsheet formats.

NOTE: The "DefaultStyles.nb" file is used as the default style sheet for new notebooks. Notebooks can be opened using the NotebookOpen command within a Mathematica function.

Program(s) that open .NB files
Updated 7/25/2011

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File TypeNota Bene File
DeveloperNota Bene
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CategoryText Files
File Format Description

File created by Nota Bene, a word processor for academic research and writing; contains formatted text, bibliography references, images, symbols, etc.; used for academic writing purposes such as theses and research papers.

To create a NB file:

  1. Open the Nota Bene application, select File → Save As... or click the "Save As" arrow icon on the left pane of the Nota Bene window.
  2. Choose the save location of your file and name it. The "Save as type" default creates the NB file, click Save.
Program(s) that open .NB files
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Updated 10/10/2013