TeamViewer for Windows

Version15(as of 12/28/2020)
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Main Features

  • Establish remote desktop connections, attend online meetings, or transfer files
  • Remote control one or multiple Android systems at the same time
  • Provide users with the easy-to-use QuickSupport module
  • Run TeamViewer within a web browser

Software Overview

TeamViewer is an application used to connect to other computers remotely. The software can be used for desktop sharing, web conferencing, and file transferring. It is free for personal use but requires purchase for business use, which unlocks more advanced features.

TeamViewer provides a variety of features for remotely connecting with other machines. The remote control session interface includes a toolbar designed around user feedback. It gives you access to any feature and setting you'll need during a session, such as the ability to capture a screenshot of the remote computer, change screen resolution, or initiate a secure call or chat with the other user.

TeamViewer supports remote control of one or multiple Android systems at a time, even unattended devices, including smartphones, tablets, public displays, and points of sale machines. The software makes it easy for your customers to receive support via the QuickSupport module, accessible through an icon on their desktop. You can run TeamViewer from within your web browser to provide remote support and work collaboratively on a project.

TeamViewer is a tool primarily designed for business IT purposes. It can remotely control other users' computers, host online meetings, and transfer files. It also provides mobile functionality, like controlling an Android device or chatting on-the-go with users through a mobile device. TeamViewer is rather expensive but is a high-quality solution for establishing remote connections with other users.

Primary File Type

tvs icon.TVSTeamViewer Video Session File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.TVSTeamViewer Video Session File
.TPSRTeamViewer Pilot Session Report File
.TVCTeamViewer Configuration File
.TVDOWNLOADTeamViewer Download File
Updated 12/28/2020