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Incredible Bee Archiver

(as of 5/28/2014)

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Support for popular archive formats, such as Zip and RAR
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Encryption of archives with password protection
  • Compress or split and combine files to reduce size
  • QuickLook preview of a file before unzipping the file

Incredible Bee Archiver is a OS X tool that allows users to manage archives. It helps users extract archives, compress files, split files, and encrypt archives.

Archiver offers a simple drag and drop interface to help users manage their archives, whether they need to extract or create an archive. The tool supports a wide variety of popular archive file formats, such as Zip, RAR, 7zip, Tar, and Tar Z. Archiver provides some security features, such as the ability to encrypt users' archives to keep sensitive data private and secure.

The application helps users manage the size of their files. It enables users to compress their files or folders or split and combine their files that may be too large for their needs. Archiver also offers its own compression format, called Archiver, to reduce the size of image and audio files. Archiver gives users the QuickLook feature, which is the ability to preview a file before unzipping. This tool helps save time for the user so they don’t have to unzip unnecessary files.

Incredible Bee Archiver is a solid archive management application. It offers a simple interface, support for popular archive file formats, compression ability, and the option to preview files before unzipping them. OS X users should try Incredible Bee Archiver for all their archive management needs.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.ARCHIVER – Archiver Compressed File Archive

Other file extensions used by Incredible Bee Archiver 2

Supported File Types
.7Z7-Zip Compressed File
.7Z.0017-Zip Split Archive Part 1 File
.ARJARJ Compressed File Archive
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.CPIOUnix CPIO Archive
.R00WinRAR Compressed Archive
.R01WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
.R02WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
.RARWinRAR Compressed Archive
.SEASelf-Extracting Archive
.SITStuffIt Archive
.SITXStuffIt X Archive
.TARConsolidated Unix File Archive
.TAR.GZCompressed Tarball File
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.XARExtensible Archive Format File
.ZUnix Compressed File
.ZIPZipped File
Additional Related File Formats
.ADFAmiga Disk File
.ADZCompressed Amiga Disk File
.HAHA Compressed Archive
.HQXBinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.LZXAmiga LZX Compressed File
.PAXPAX Archive
.RPMRed Hat Package Manager File

Updated: May 28, 2014