DLL-Files.com Client

Version2(as of 9/19/2016)
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Main Features

  • Fixes DLL errors on your computer
  • Locates DLL files from its large archive
  • Automatically downloads and installs DLL files
  • Allows rollback of DLL changes
  • Provides an easy-to-use interface

Software Overview

DLL-Files.com Client is a program used to fix DLL errors in Windows. When missing or corrupted DLL files cause your computer to malfunction, DLL-Files.com Client helps you locate and install the appropriate DLL files to fix the problem.

The client's easy-to-use interface allows you to search its large archive in the cloud to replace your missing or corrupted DLL files. It returns the most appropriate DLL files based on your query and the system you are running. The results include the DLL filename and description with a link to install the file. From there, you can choose to have the client automatically install it on your computer so that you don't have to manually install it yourself.

The interface also allows you to switch from simple to advanced view in order to choose more advanced installation options for the DLL file. If you realize you installed the wrong file or a problem occurs after installation, you can use the program's rollback feature to undo your action.

DLL-Files.com Client is a useful tool when you encounter DLL errors on your computer. It offers a straightforward experience in which you can search for DLL files and install them in just a few clicks. The software also offers a lifetime license that includes technical support. If you are looking for a fix for your DLL error(s), DLL-Files.com Client is a great solution.

Primary File Type

dll icon.DLLDynamic Link Library
Updated 9/19/2016