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Broderbund PrintMaster

(as of 9/11/2015)
7 Platinum

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Personalize print projects such as greeting cards, calendars, and brochures
  • Packaged with more than 4,300 templates and 5,000 royalty free images
  • Provides design tools, such as text to shape and advanced color match

Broderbund PrintMaster is a program used to make personalized print projects and crafts. It is available for Windows and OS X.

The application can be used to personalize different print projects, whether it be a calendar, greeting card, banner, certificate, business card, or brochure. PrintMaster is packaged with more than 4,300 templates, 5,000 royalty free images, and 155,000 clip art elements for you to use in your project. The program also provides an array of design tools to customize your project, including the ability to create text that flows around a shape, match colors of different elements, reduce red-eye in photos, flip images, and compress or amplify graphics to fit your design.

PrintMaster is mainly used to create a personalized print projects that to remember moments captured by images. It's a solid tool for designing calendars and greeting cards but does not offer the same amount of features that a more professional application like Adobe InDesign offers. But if you aren't looking for a professional print design application, Broderbund PrintMaster will most likely satisfy your needs and help you commemorate your past memories.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.PMX – PrintMaster Project File

Other file extensions used by Broderbund PrintMaster 7 Platinum

Supported File Types
.ABKAutomatic Backup File
.BIZBroderbund Business Card File
.BROCreataCard Brochure Project
.CALCalendar File
.HCRHalf-Fold Card File
.PMOBroderbund Print Meta Object File
.SIGBroderbund Sign File

Updated: September 11, 2015