Apple Terminal

Version2(as of 2/17/2016)
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Main Features

  • Command line interface
  • Configure and program computer operations
  • Customize preferences such as window behavior and interface appearance

Software Overview

Apple Terminal is an application bundled with Mac OS X. It is a terminal emulator with a command line interface that allows users to type Unix commands to get more functionality from their Mac.

The utility can be used to configure a Mac and script and program a number of computer operations. You can change the default backup periods in Time Machine, disable the auto-restore feature, show hidden files in Finder, enlarge dock icons, and plenty more. Terminal allows you to customize a variety of preferences. You can set windows, shells, and tab behaviors. The interface is customizable too, as you can choose to apply different profiles to the interface, which includes the background image or color, text colors, window size, tab appearance, and keyboard actions.

Since OS X provides an impressive graphical user interface, most casual OS X users will never use Terminal. However, it can be a helpful tool for customizing elements, performing tasks that may require additional software, and troubleshooting problems on your operating system. Apple Terminal is a helpful command line utility for Mac OS X users.

Primary File Type

command icon.COMMANDTerminal Command File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.COMMANDTerminal Command File
.BASH_HISTORYBash History File
.BASH_PROFILEBash Interactive Login Shell File
.BASHRCBash Non-Interactive Login Shell File
.ICONSETMac OS X Icon Set Folder
.INETLOCInternet Location
.PROFILEBash Shell Profile
.SHBash Shell Script
.TERMINALTerminal Settings File
Updated 2/17/2016