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Apple Keychain Access

(as of 3/10/2015)

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Configures passwords for websites, email, servers, and more
  • Stores private keys, certificates, and secure notes
  • Recover or remove passwords

Apple Keychain Access is a password management system bundled with OS X. The utility was introduced in Mac OS 8.6 and is used to securely store passwords.

Keychain Access enables you to access the keychain feature and modify its contents, which includes passwords for websites, email, servers, Wi-Fi networks, network shares, and encrypted disk images. The program can also store private keys, certificates, and secure notes. Some other functions that Keychain Access provides is the ability to recover forgotten passwords, remove unwanted website passwords, and share your keychain with other OS X machines using the .KEYCHAIN file.

Whenever you save a password, it is stored in your Mac's keychain, which makes Keychain Access an important program. The utility allows you to configure the keychain and perform a variety of other functions, such as recovering or removing passwords. Apple Keychain Access is a useful tool for every OS X user.

▶ Primary file extension

.KEYCHAIN – Mac OS X Keychain File

▶ Other file extensions used by Apple Keychain Access 9

Supported File Types
.CERInternet Security Certificate
.CERTSIGNINGREQUESTApple Developer Signing Certificate Request File
.DERDER Certificate File
.P10Certificate Request File
.P12Personal Information Exchange File
.P7PKCS #7 Digital Certificate File
.P7BPKCS #7 Certificate File
.P7CPKCS #7 Certificate File
.P7MDigitally Encrypted Message
.P7RCertificate Request Response File
.PEMPrivacy Enhanced Mail Certificate

Updated: March 10, 2015