Apple Disk Utility

Version12(as of 12/8/2014)
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Main Features

  • Handles disk creation, backup, encryption, and more
  • Mounts and ejects disk volumes
  • Erases, formats, partitions, and clones disks

Software Overview

Apple Disk Utility is a system tool that is included with Mac OS X. It is used by the system to perform various tasks on disks and disk volumes but can also be accessed directly with the command line.

Whenever you perform any type of task that accesses any form of disk on a Mac, the system uses Disk Utility. This includes everything from mounting a disk volume or image to verifying a disk's integrity and formatting a disk. You can access the utility directly with the command line using the hdiutil and diskutil commands.

If you use an OS X based computer, you are more than likely already using Disk Utility. More advanced users who are comfortable with with a command line interface may be interested in interacting with the utility directly using terminal.

Primary File Type

dmg icon.DMGApple Disk Image

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.DMGApple Disk Image
.CDRMacintosh DVD/CD Master
.DMGPARTMac OS X Disk Image Part
.DSKDisk Image
.FPBFMac OS X Burn Folder
.IMAGEApple Disk Image
.IMGMacintosh Disk Image
.ISODisc Image File
.NDIFApple New Disk Image Format File
.SMISelf-Mounting Disk Image

Additional Related File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.JRZPSP Game Data File
Updated 12/8/2014