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(as of 7/28/2015)
LicenseOpen Source

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Syntax-highlighting editor that can directly execute R code
  • Ability to author PDF, HTML, and Word XML documents
  • Integrated R help and documentation
  • Accessible through desktop or in a browser connected to the RStudio Server

RStudio is an IDE for the R programming language. It is available as open source under the GNU General Public License or through a commercial license with enhanced features. The software can run on your Windows, OS X, or Linux desktop or in a browser connected to RStudio Server or RStudio Server Pro.

RStudio comes with professional features for building reports and visualizations with the R programming language. One of the prominent tools included with the IDE is a syntax-highlighting editor that can directly execute R code and provides code completion and smart indentation. Other tools feature debugging, plotting, or workspace managing capabilities, as well as the ability to author slide shows and HTML, PDF, and Word XML documents from R code.

If you ever get stuck, the application includes integrated R help and documentation. The RStudio website also provides an up-to-date blog and a plethora of help resources, which include webinars, videos, tutorials, and articles.

RStudio is primarily used by statisticians and data miners that have working knowledge of the R programming language. However, with the straightforward interface and extensive amount of help resources, novice users can get acquainted with the IDE rather quickly. If you are in the statistical field and need to create reports and visualizations, fit RStudio into your equation.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.RPROJ – R Project

Other file extensions used by RStudio 0.99

Supported File Types
.RR Script File
.RDAR Data File
.RDATAR Workspace File
.RHISTORYR History File
.RMDR Markdown File
.RPRESR Presentation File

Updated: July 28, 2015