Juice Grinder

Version1(as of 1/29/2015)
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Main Features

  • Supports Juice Grinder, EZMix, and eJuice Me Up formats
  • Provides 10 flavoring fields for large recipes
  • Enables you to calculate the cost of mixing your own juice compared to retail
  • Allows you to rate recipes

Software Overview

Juice Grinder is a free eJuice mixing tool for Windows. eJuice is also known as e-liquid, which is used by e-cigarettes. The program is developed by Chris Formeister.

Juice Grinder allows you to experiment with different flavors of eJuice and create your own customized mixes. The program provides Quick Values for inserting combinations of Nicotine and PG/VG amounts, target amount, and target nicotine without needing to manually enter them. Once you have entered your desired flavor amounts, Juice Grinder calculates the recipe and gives you the amount.

You can save your recipe to the Juice Grinder, eJuice Me Up, and EZMix formats or export to the PDF, CSV, Excel, OpenDocument Spreadsheet, or HTML formats. You can also choose to print your recipe as a recipe card, a generic text list, or as it appears on the screen.

Juice Grinder gives "vapers" a tool to mix their own juices. It provides a variety of features, as well as support for other eJuice formats. Juice Grinder will prove to be a helpful tool for those looking to mix and create their own eJuice.

Primary File Type

grindx icon.GRINDXJuice Grinder Recipe File

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.GRINDXJuice Grinder Recipe File
.DEFTJuice Grinder Defaults File
.GRINDJuice Grinder Recipe File
.RECeJuice Me Up Recipe File
Updated 1/29/2015