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Main Features

  • Compare multiple translations of the Bible
  • Learn about the Greek and Hebrew origins
  • Search the Bible for certain passages
  • Highlight favorite verses
  • Reference commentaries

Software Overview

theWord is a free application used to read and study the Bible. It is developed by Costas Stergiou.

theWord comes packed with a ton of features to help you get into the Bible. You can compare multiple translations of the Bible, search the Bible for certain passages, highlight favorite verses, reference commentaries, and learn about the Greek and Hebrew origins of the Bible. The application is extensible, allowing you to install additional functionality to the application. There are thousands of user-made modules available to download for free or for a fee.

theWord also allows you to customize its interface. It provides 8 predefined layouts that include different positions of windows and settings. It comes with over 20 skins that you can preview before applying to the interface and you can make a completely new skin if you do not want to use any of the ones provided with the application.

theWord is designed for Christians looking for a digital tool to help them study the Bible. It gives them a variety of reading features and allows them to add modules for additional functionality. theWord provides a personal tool that helps Christians delve into God's word.

Primary File Type

file  icon.TWMtheWord Module

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.TWMtheWord Module
.NTtheWord New Testament Text Module
.NTXtheWord Encrypted New Testament Text Module
.ONTtheWord Bible Text Module
.ONTXtheWord Encrypted Bible Text Module
.OTtheWord Old Testament Text Module
.OTXtheWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module
.TWZtheWord Compressed Archive Module
.TWZIPtheWord Compressed Archive Module
Updated 5/27/2016