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Corel WinZip

(as of 3/30/2020)
24 Pro

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Widely-used file compression utility
  • ZipSend and ZipShare services for sending large files via email
  • Support for many compressed file formats
  • AES encryption and password-protection security
  • Integrated into Windows Explorer
  • Split archive capabilities
  • Automated backups

WinZip is a popular file compression utility for Windows. It allows users to compress and decompress file archives, create data backups, and securely encrypt data. By compressing files, users can conserve storage space and speed up file transfers over the Internet.

WinZip supports split, or multi-volume, archives, which split an archive across multiple files, each with a uniform file size. For example, users that want to split a large DVD disk image file onto CD-ROMs may choose the 650MB split archive option. Users can also split videos and other media files into 3MB or 5MB file sizes for e-mail purposes. The resulting files can be merged back into the original file using WinZip.

WinZip integrates with email and Facebook, making it easy to send large files directly from within the WinZip application window. WinZip's ZipSend service automatically uploads email attachments to the ZipSend online cloud, and makes them available to email recipients. Users can also upload Zip files directly to Facebook using the ZipShare service.

WinZip supports a large number of compressed formats, but it is primarily used to create .ZIP and .ZIPX archives. WinZip provides security capabilities for user data. It supports AES encryption, which can be used to secure and password-protect sensitive data. Additionally, WinZip automatically wipes, obfuscates, and deletes any temporary extracted files that were created in the process of decryption, preventing unauthorized access to deleted files.

WinZip provides a wide set of features that span from personal to professional environments. Personal users typically use WinZip for decompressing downloaded files over the Internet, or for zipping files that are sent over email. In professional environments, WinZip may be used for encrypting important files, creating compressed documents, and archiving data. Regardless of the environment Corel WinZip is used, it is a great solution for any file compression needs.

Supported File Types

Primary file extension

.ZIP – Zipped File

Other file extensions used by Corel WinZip 24 Pro

Supported File Types
.7Z7-Zip Compressed File
.B64Base64 MIME-Encoded File
.BHXBinHex Encoded File
.BZBzip Compressed File
.BZ2Bzip2 Compressed File
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.EXEWindows Executable File
.GZGnu Zipped Archive
.HQXBinHex 4.0 Encoded File
.IMGDisc Image Data File
.ISODisc Image File
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.MIMMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message File
.RARWinRAR Compressed Archive
.TARConsolidated Unix File Archive
.TBZBzip Compressed Tar Archive
.TBZ2Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.UUEUuencoded File
.VHDVirtual PC Virtual Hard Disk
.WMZWindows Media Player Skin Package
.WSZWinamp Classic Skin
.XXEXXEncoded File
.ZUnix Compressed File
.ZIPZipped File
.ZIPXExtended Zip File
Additional Related File Formats
.MIMEMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Extension
.TAR.GZCompressed Tarball File
.TAZTar Zipped File
.TZZipped Tar Archive
.UUUuencoded File

Updated: March 30, 2020