Applied Biosystems FMAT 8100 HTS System

Version1(as of 8/28/2014)
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Main Features

  • Analyze fluorometric data and streamline assay development
  • Record measurements and capture images that can be opened with FMAT software
  • Functions with the FMAT instrument and robotic plate handler

Software Overview

Applied Biosystems FMAT (Fluorometric Microvolume Assay Technology) 8100 HTS System is used to analyze fluorescent, multiplexed, homogeneous, live cell- and bead-based screening assays. It is designed for scientists who are focused on pharmaceutical lead discovery.

The FMAT 8100 HTS System is made up of the FMAT instrument, robotic plate handler, and the computer software. The system allows you to capture images of and measure the fluorescent intensity of cells or beads in a mix-and-read format.

The FMAT system functions through three phases. The first phase is the Setup, where appropriate parameters are chosen for the assay, or procedure, and a specific assay is selected for the sample run. The next phase is the Run part, where specific wells or the whole plate is scanned and displayed. And finally, the Analysis phase is where numerical and image data (stored in .CXA and .CXI files) are created, which can also can be opened and printed with the FMAT software.

FMAT is mainly designed for leading researchers in the pharmaceutical field. It consists of the FMAT instrument, robotic plate handler, and software. The Applied Biosystems FMAT 8100 HTS System is a reliable and accurate ally for pharmaceutical researchers that saves time and energy.

Primary File Type

file  icon.FMATFMAT Runfile

Supported File Types

ExtensionFile Type
.CXAFMAT Listmode File
.CXPFMAT Assay File
.CXRFMAT Plate Results File
Updated 8/28/2014