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Adobe Director

(as of 6/23/2014)

Software Overview

Main Features

  • Create shockwave applications for the web
  • Utilizes a scripting language to develop interaction with users
  • Highly extensible with many plugins to improve its use
  • Support for a wide range of image, audio, and video formats

Adobe Director is a program for creating multimedia applications. It was originally designed for creating animation sequences but is now commonly used to create Shockwave applications like games.

Director allows you to create multimedia applications using an interface and workflow based on movie making. It uses a scripting language called Lingo that allows interactivity to be added to applications. It also has 2D image manipulation tools and can support 3D interactivity with Shockwave 3D file objects.

Adobe Flash is commonly compared to Director because they share many similarities in use and purpose. Both programs are used to create web applications that run on Adobe plugins. The major difference between the two is that Director is much more extensible. There are many plugins available that add tools and features to Director.

If you wish to develop web applications and prefer a more extensible program, Director has a lot more to offer than Flash. If you don't want your users to be required to download a plugin for your application to work, you may be interested in using web technologies like JavaScript.

▶ Primary file extension

.DIR – Adobe Director Movie

▶ Other file extensions used by Adobe Director 12

Supported File Types
.CCTDirector Protected Cast Resource
.CSTDirector External Cast File
.CXTDirector Protected Cast File
.DCRShockwave Media File
.DXRProtected Macromedia Director Movie
.SWAShockwave Audio
.W3DAdobe Shockwave 3D File
.X32Adobe Xtra File

Updated: June 23, 2014