eBook Files

eBook files are digital books designed to be viewed on eReaders, such as the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, and the iPad. However, they can often be viewed on a PC using eReader software as well. While many eBook formats can be viewed on multiple devices, some proprietary eBook formats can only be viewed using specific hardware or software.

Common eBook file extensions include .EPUB, .AZW, and .LIT.

Extension File Type Popularity
.TPZKindle Topaz eBook File
.MARTMartView eBook File
.APNXAmazon Page Number Index File
.LRFSony Portable Reader File
.EAKindle End Actions File
.LRSLibrie Reader Source File
.TRTomeRaider 2 eBook File
.TK3TK3 Multimedia eBook
.IBOOKSMulti-Touch iBook
.MOBIMobipocket eBook
.AZW3Amazon KF8 eBook File
.AEPActiv E-Book Project
.JWPUBJehovah's Witnesses Publication
.DNLDNAML eBook File
.FB2FictionBook 2.0 File
.AZW4Amazon Print Replica eBook
.RZSRed Zion Security File
.YBKYanCEyWare eBook
.RZBRed Zion Book File
.EBKeBook Pro eBook File
.EPUBOpen eBook File
.HANAmazon Kindle eBook Data File
.LITeBook File
.NCXEPUB Navigation Control XML File
.AZWAmazon Kindle eBook File
.CEBApabi eBook File
.HTZ5HyperMaker 5 Publication
.MBPMobipocket Notes File
.KFXAmazon KF10 eBook File
.PRCMobipocket eBook File
.WEBZWEBZ Compressed eBook File
.NVANVA Document
.CBCComic Book Collection
.OPFOpen Packaging Format File
.LRXSony Portable Reader File
.ACSMAdobe Content Server Message
.PHLKindle Popular Highlights File
.HTZ4HyperMaker 4 Publication
.BKKBookBuddi eBook File
.CEBXApabi XML eBook File
.AVAAvaaBook eBook
.OEBOpen eBook File
.ORBOriginal eBook Reader File
.EDNAdobe eBook Activation File
.TR3TomeRaider eBook File
.SNBShanda Bambook eBook
.ETDAdobe Reader EBX Transfer Data File
.EALKindle End Actions File
.POBIKindle Touch Periodical File
.TCRPsion Series 3 eBook File
.AZW1Amazon Topaz eBook
.HTML0Book Designer File
.HTXTHanvon eBook File
.HTMLZZipped HTML eBook
.KOOBKoob E-Book File
.QMKYanCEyDesktop Quickmarks File
.PEFPEF Braille Book File
.OEBZIPZipped Open eBook File
.PMLZZipped Palm Markup Language File
.FKBFlipkart eBook File
.VBKVitalSource eBook
.PMLPalm Markup Language File