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File TypeeFax Document
Developerj2 Global Communications
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CategoryData Files
File Format Description

Document created by eFax, a service that sends and receives faxes as document attachments via email; contains email attachment and email body text; can be converted into .PDF or .TIF files using eFax Messenger.

eFax documents can be converted from over fifty different email attachment file types in eFax software, including .PDF, .DOC, .JPG, .XLS, and .HTML.

eFax services are available in Plus, Pro, and Corporate versions.

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Updated 12/19/2009

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File TypeJedi Knight Effects File
DeveloperRaven Software
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CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

Effects file used by Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, a Star Wars Jedi game where the player chooses to follow the light or dark side; contains information that describes different effects that occur throughout the game.

The EFX file is used to store information about a variety of effects such as when a lightsaber hits another light saber (saber block), a lightsaber hits a person (creating "blood sparks"), or a lightsaber hits an object (cutting the object). Other effects contained within the EFX file includes explosions and "force" related effects like lightning. The EFX can also be opened and edited to create customized effects.

Program(s) that open .EFX files
Updated 2/17/2015