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.MHT File Extension

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File TypeMHTML Web Archive

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CategoryWeb Files


This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.


Web page archive saved with Internet Explorer; formatted using MIME HTML or "MHTML," which saves HTML, images and other media files into a single file; encoded with .MIME encoding.

More Information

Most Web pages viewed in a Web browser only contain HTML and reference images and other media files that are stored in other directories on the server. Because all the files are encoded into a single file in a MHTML document, MHT files are commonly used to archive Web pages.

NOTE: Microsoft Word can save and open MHTML Web archives.

Programs that open MHT files
Microsoft Windows LogoWindows
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox with the Mozilla Archive Format extension
Microsoft Word 2016
Kingsoft Writer
WizBrother WizHtmlEditor
Terra Informatics BlockNote.Net
Mac OS X LogoMac
Google Chrome
Microsoft Word 2016
Linux LogoLinux
Google Chrome
Updated 11/7/2011